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28 Ultra Luxury Dining Room Designs (Best-of-the-Best Photos)

These dining rooms go all out on the luxury side of things. Thousands on furniture, decor, flooring, walls, ceilings, lighting... the whole shebang.

Ultra luxury dining room decor and design with dark dining room furniture, pendant lights at bottom of stairs.

Welcome to our luxury dining room collection.  What’s great about dining room design is that you don’t have to spend anywhere near what you spend on kitchens and bathrooms to end up with a luxurious looking dining room.  Sure, a premium furniture set will set you back several thousand dollars, but after that the costs, while still substantial to be truly luxurious, are nothing like that $100,000+ you can spend on a kitchen or bathroom.

Scroll out the outrageous collection of designs below.  You’ll love some but I also bet you won’t like some.  I’m not one for gaudy, but we include those as well.  Enjoy.

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Tags: Categories: Dining Rooms

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