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Norman Lear’s House in Brentwood, CA (Listed for $39.95 Million)

Normal Lear is the iconic creator of some of the most memorable TV sitcoms of all time. He has also launched some of the most illustrious actors to have ever graced the screen. Here, we’ll have a look at his magnificent Brentwood home where so many visions have been hatched.

This aerial view of the back of the house features the beautiful swimming pool along with the lush green landscaping that complements the beautiful beige exterior walls of the house. Images courtesy of

Anyone born before 1980 has probably enjoyed some of the work of Norman Lear. He is a writer and producer responsible for some of the most famous TV sitcoms in broadcasting history, sitcoms like All in The Family, One Day at A Time, Good Times, The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, and more. He is also a major supporter of People for the American Way. At the time of this writing, he is 91 years old and is still a major influence in his industry.

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This iconic force of televised nature is the owner of a 14,000 square foot mansion north of Sunset Boulevard in Brentwood, CA. It features a 35-car garage, a gymnasium, tennis court, a unique swimming pool, and much more. Inside, there are 12 bathrooms, seven bedrooms, and offers a massive view of the Pacific Ocean.

The property is on sale now for a cool $39.95 million.

The oceanside profile of the house is enormous, standing over the pool and offering an ocean view from nearly every room in the house. Aside from its generous proportions, the house is built in a somewhat modest style. But the warm, yellow exterior accentuates the sunny location this home is built on. In the front courtyard, one must pass a small but lovely fountain to reach the main entrance. To the left of this outdoor space, as we face the house where the north wing of the home stands tall like a modest castle.

The front door itself is encased in a classic display of masonry with a marble arch and the symbolic capstone at the apex standing at the top of a short series of stone steps.

Just inside the entryway is an impressive spiral staircase coiling around a black pillar that has some rather strange sculpting in it. Think Han Solo in carbonite with an H.R. Giger twist.

The main living room, by contrast, is as mainstream and as inviting as they come. With three large windows facing the sea for natural illumination, we find ample seating both around the coffee table and around a small sitting area by the central window. A modest but handsomely decorated fireplace stands off to one side and beach-white hardwood flooring exists beneath what looks to be a very fine and large rug.

On the opposite side of the house, we find a unique conversation room with art and a decorative table to one side and two small marble tables about the size of card tables aligned over the same beach-white hardwood flooring of the living room. Unlike most rooms in this home, the window in this one faces the front of the house, indicating that it might be more of a meeting area than a living area.

The kitchen is a real primarypiece with a beautiful mixture of mute, light-blue, and soft browns. It is large and functional, serving a handsome, little dining nook.

Finally, we have a heavily beach-themed dining room next to a back-patio door. It is dominated by distressed wood and charming fabric-covered deck chairs.

Photographer: Jim Bartsch