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Nicole Sullivan’s Home in Los Angeles, CA (Listed for $1.45 Million)

This is the front exterior of the house from the vantage of the driveway showcasing wooden coral-tone walls and rustic textured accent rocks. Image courtesy of

Black-Ish TV series star Nicole Sullivan has a home for sale in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles. She’s asking $1.45 million for it, and you’ll see it listed with Lorena Costino. You can access this celebrity home from Mulholland Drive. It’s only minutes away from The Valley and right in the heart of the Hollywood city center.

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House Size

The house totals 1,678 square feet, and its lot measures approximately .8 acres. You wouldn’t have much of a chance of stubbing your toe on a table leg inside as you would in a more compact place. What’s more, the Sullivan home offers room to gather with other people while not having them crowd your personal space.

Number of Bathrooms

Having more than one bathroom seems essential for most people who don’t live alone. This house located in Laurel Canyon offers two bathrooms, so you’d have fewer problems coordinating daily or vacation bathing schedules. Considering the size of the property, you probably could hire someone to install a third or fourth bathroom into it too.

Number of Bedrooms

This house has two bedrooms, which allows for privacy if sharing this massive place with other single people. Otherwise, you can fit yourself and at least one child in it or two couples easily. Additional people could find a semi-private place to rest or relax in other areas of the house, which has several rooms plus a deck, patio, and pool area.

The right buyer wouldn’t have a problem adding more rooms to the home to create more private spaces. It could easily become a vacation or family home for up to six or eight people.

Unique Amenities

The lot may not seem that large at a little less than an acre, but you’d be surprised at how much nature you would see on the walking trails. You also can sit near the gardens, bamboo, and trees. It’s a place to live and be one with nature, and it has more than enough space to entertain at least one or two dozen people either indoors or outdoors.

I personally like the idea of an outdoor fireplace, which you could use for open-fire cooking. Moreover, it’s easier to decorate a place with bright, neutral-colored walls like what you would see in some primary common areas. You could leave the Sullivan home as-is, which has a clean and minimalist but elegant ambiance.

Otherwise, solid-colored, white walls offer you opportunities to easily redesign the interior spaces. Most of all, I love the stone walls situated just right in the landscape. There’s also a hot tub.

This place, albeit modest in size, could make you feel like you’re on vacation. You might be able to use it as a rental property, and it has a unique spinning shape with three sides. It looks just stunning both up close and at a distance, especially with the lights on at night.

Interesting Nicole Sullivan Facts

Nicole Sullivan has joined the ranks of talk show host Bill Maher, Former CA Governor Jerry Brown, Jimi Hendrix, and other stars who used to or currently do reside in Laurel Canyon. Before she became a Black-ish star, you probably would recognize her iconic role as “Holly” in King of Queens.

Photo credit: Nate Williams