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Selling Sunset’s Prize House in Hillsdale Ave, Los Angeles (Listed for $43.995 Million)

Outdoor view of the house boasting its stunning custom infinity pool and sitting lounges on the deck.

As part of the popular Netflix show, “Selling Sunset,” and within the plot of competing real estate agents trying to out do each other for the big commission, a particular prize has popped up, that being the latest Los Angeles Saota designed home.

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A Home With a Design Pedigree

The selling price on the available Saota property is a cool $43.995 million, a bit of an affordable catch considering properties right off of Sunset Boulevard are at least twice as much. The latest property, however, comes from a solid lineage. The South African designers have proven their names with multiple designed homes all over Southern California. The current Saota property also stands out because of how its structure seems to be floating above its ledge on Hillsdale Avenue, overlooking the famous Sunset Strip.

Getting a View

The location is a prime viewing spot for the broader area of Los Angeles prime. Sitting on 20,000 square feet, the Saota home is unique in being both the last of its design line, as well as the last allowed for its size before the local City Council voted to outlaw anything similar or bigger. In addition to size, the home comes with its own private 175 ft linear pool and waterfall combination.

Lots of Planning to Make the Project Reality By the Deadline

The seller, a well-known California developer Jeff Thomas, took almost five years to make the home happen. He originally owned the property next to the Netflix Sunset parcel. Once it became available, he snapped it up and expanded the overall size of his own original parcel. Then he replaced both with the build and construction of the Saota-designed home, just beating the clock on the L.A. City Council’s new ordinance limiting home size on new construction.

Finished to Entertain and Celebrate With as a Group

Additional benefits include a 15-foot long television entirely designed to be used and function without issue outdoors (including full rotation ability), a 12-car garage easily able to fit multiple full-size vehicles, super-size glass sliding doors that can open the home to the warmer Southern California weather and evenings or close them from the rain and wind easily, a spa system including both draw and steam sauna features, additional plunging pools with temperature control, and an automated massage system. And, since everyone wants to be fully relaxed and not work going up the stairs, the home includes a glass elevator that rides from the basement wine cellar up to the rooftop deck fully equipped for entertainment.

Options for a Bare Home or a Finished One

The Netflix home can sell for a bare price of approximately $44 million or the buyer can take the property fully-furnished and ready to use by just adding a “small” bump of an additional $1.1 million. Given the already completed design, the finished option really becomes attractive when considering the home for purchase if one has the means to do so.

Photo credit: The Oppenheim Group