Muhammad Ali’s Farm in Berrien Springs, MI (Listed for $2,895,037)

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Muhammad Ali's beautiful 81-acre property, located in Berrien Springs, Michigan, is up for sale and features several customized buildings, including an elaborate gym complete with a boxing ring, plenty of exercise equipment, a steam room, and spa.

The great Muhammad Ali has been quoting as saying, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Well, the rooms he lived in while he was on this earth are currently up for sale.

Muhammad Ali purchased the gorgeous 81-acre property, nestled in the lush green fields of Berrien Springs, Michigan, in 1975, a decade before he was diagnosed with the degenerative illness of Parkinson’s disease. He spent every summer there and most of his retirement years as his struggle with Parkinson’s disease progressed. Some boxing experts attributed Ali’s Parkinson’s disease for being on the receiving end of more than 200,000 punches during his boxing career.

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After a whirlwind boxing career, Ali was at peace at his beautiful farm in southwestern Michigan, not far from the Indiana border, as it was a place where he could relax with his family. A river runs through three sides of the gated property which helped maintain the privacy he craved while being in the national and international spotlight for decades. Ali had buildings constructed on the property to fit his needs and they also have universal appeal to many people.

One of the customized structures on the gorgeous property is, of course, an elaborate gym that sports a boxing ring in the center along with plenty of exercise equipment, a steam room, baths, a relaxing massage room, a laundry area, and a spa tub. Just a few feet away from the gym’s French doors is a full-size basketball court with an amazing office epicenter nearby. The office area boasts a private office, conference rooms, mailroom, vault, a private bath area, a kitchen, several smaller offices, and a loading dock. Under the office, is a basement area.

The main house features four bedrooms, living and family rooms, and a dream kitchen with a large pantry and three-car, climate-controlled garages. The property also offers a beautiful main house, swimming pool, a carriage house, climate-controlled garages, and barns. The carriage house is great for guests, complete with a sunroom and a deck that overlooks a pond and magnificent fountain by the river.

The swimming pool area features an outdoor, full-service kitchen, a pergola, a relaxing bathhouse, and a great surround sound system. The property is made even more serene and peaceful by a waterfall rock garden and fire pit area for those chilly nights of Michigan.

Does all of this sound like a place you should live? If so, you are in luck. When Ali lost his battle with Parkinson’s disease in 2016, the Olympic Gold -winning prizefighter left the property to his wife, Lonnie, who lives in Arizona and has put the property on the market. The asking price is a very specialized and unique number of $2,895,037, with the last two digits of 37 representing the number of Muhammad Ali’s 37 career knockouts.

The beautiful, amazing property is listed by Tim Mitchell of Cressy & Everett Real Estate of Dowagiac, Michigan, at the original asking price. If you have the funds, all of this could be your property very soon.

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