Elegant Monique L’Huillier Boutique I by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Monique L'Huillier Boutique showcases not just beautiful gowns but also its stunning interior The beautiful showroom won the AIALA Interior Architecture Design Award in 2002, which was the same year that this structure was built.

See this beautiful Monique L'Huillier Boutique designed by the award-winning Hughes Umabanhowar Architects.

The Monique L’Huillier Boutique I is perfectly designed as a showroom to display wedding gowns and evening gowns. It’s a quiet sanctuary where the gown can take the center of attention. The architecture came up with neat tricks to help showcase and focus the viewer’s eyes on the beautiful features of the gowns on display.

With light concrete flooring and glass panels, the only thing that the visitors of this retail location need to focus on is the upscale dresses. There are large and expansive mirrors that run from the floor to the ceiling. The mirrors add the illusion of extra space to the already large 1,600 square foot niche-shopping boutique. They also provide a functional use for women trying on their evening gowns.

Stunning Features

As you approach the shop, the first thing you’ll notice is the massive and breathtaking door. The entrance looks like a cathedral with a large 12-foot entryway. The handle is seven-feet, and it is brushed with stainless marks. There is a light inside the exterior entrance area that allows anyone on the street to focus on the shop.

Once you pass through the enormous door, you’ll enter a boutique and feel the calmness in the room. The long wall that runs throughout the entire store projects light towards the ceiling. All of the gowns are floating above the ground along the wall, which won’t overwhelm people as they shop.

Women looking for evening gowns and wedding gowns will easily find what they need by the simple and elegant design structure of the specialty shop.

Hughes Umbanhowar Architects built the boutique in Beverly Hills, California. The location in this upscale shopping center of California is an ideal place for this beautiful building to shine as it rivals other businesses in the high-end neighborhood.

The mirror is 14 feet tall and recessed at the end of the room. Surround the mirror area is a location where friends and family members can relax and lounge while the special woman tries on their gown.

There is a private dressing room that creates a warm atmosphere, so the women feel comfortable as they are deciding between different options. The pendant lamps that hang from the ceiling are eight feet from the floor, which creates a warm lighting that’s perfect for viewing the gown on their bodies.

The architects also included natural sea grass on the slab. Once they try the dress on, these women can meet their friends and family in the longue area where they’ll receive advice from their loved ones about the look, style, and feel of the gown.

Ultimately, the Monique L’Huillier Boutique I is the epitome of an elegant and high-class shopping experience. The beautiful architectural design features create the perfect environment.

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Design by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects


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