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Maurizio Gucci’s Penthouse in Fifth Avenue, NY (Listed for $35 Million)

Get a look inside this luxurious Fifth Avenue penthouse that use to belong to Maurizio Gucci and is now up for sale by his daughters for $35 million. If you've ever dreamed of living in New York City, you'll want to see this place.

This is the great room of the penthouse with a recieving area and a living room area on the far side that are bathed in natural lighting from the glass walls. Image courtesy of

Maurizio Gucci’s gorgeous 9,500 square foot $35 million dollar New York City penthouse is up for sale and you’ll want to take a peek even if it’s not on your radar. The Fifth Avenue luxury penthouse was put up for sale by Maurizo’s two daughters, Allesandra and Allegra Gucci, with the help of Corcoran Real Estate Group.

The family is descended from Gucci Gucci, the founder of the Gucci fashion house known to clothe and accessorize the wealthy. In fact, Gucci is a household name and has graced many a fashion show stage around the world.

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The luxury penthouse is a duplex that boasts two eat-in kitchens, two dining rooms, two private stairwells, and two private elevators. With 9,500 square feet to share, the units have eight bedrooms and ten bathrooms in total, enough for a large family or overnight guests anytime. One of the best features is the 14-foot glass walls that give an amazing view of the city and river with an east, west, and south exposure.

Other features include dressing areas, jetted tubs, a sauna, a 16-foot skylight, and a paneled den with a fireplace. Besides having dining rooms and eat-in kitchens with high-end appliances, there is also a service kitchen and pantry with views of the Empire State Building. In fact, the views alone from this luxurious penthouse are worth the hefty price tag for those who can afford to pay it.

The granddaughters inherited the New York City penthouse from their father, Maurizio Gucci who passed away in 1995 after his ex-wife Patrizia had him gunned down outside his office in true gangster style. She was later convicted and spent 16 years in prison for the crime, which she said resulted in only receiving $650,000 in the divorce settlement.

Her daughters not only inherited the luxury penthouse, but they also inherited a substantial fortune from their father’s sale of his share of Gucci to an investment firm. Maurizio Gucci was a prolific spender, which prompted the sale of his shares. But his daughters are set for life and obviously have no need for the Fifth Avenue penthouse they’re trying to unload.

The penthouse was originally purchased by Maurizio in the 1970s and is located on the 50th and 51st floors of the white-gloved service Olympic Tower. It’s been updated since then to include exquisite modern decor. So, if you have $35 million dollars laying around, why not book a showing? You’ll have to have the paperwork to prove it, however.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing luxury real estate sales on the rise. Travel is restricted and people are figuring if they need to stay home, they might as well do so in luxury. How long this penthouse will stay on the market, however, is anyone’s guess.