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Landry Design Group’s Beverly Hills Home Wins Grand Award at Gold Nugget Awards

Landry Design Group's Beverly Hills Home Wins Grand Award at Gold Nugget Awards

About Landry Design Group

For Richard Landry, AIA, president of Landry Design Group, each house is crafted to respond to the client’s lifestyle. “A design is a reflection of memories, individual aspirations and a lifetime of unique experiences. By carefully listening to our clients, understanding their unspoken words and listening to our own intuition, we design homes that connect with our clients in a personal way.”

This belief in deeply rooted design explains why every house by Landry Design Group has a unique character. Landry Design Group’s continued efforts to produce exceptional residential designs have been recognized with 81 Gold Nugget awards to date.

Landry Design Group (LDG), the Los Angeles-based architecture firm acclaimed around the world for its luxury residences, was honored with a prestigious Grand Award, as well as receiving two Merit Awards, by the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) on June 16, 2021. The oldest and most respected design awards competition in the nation, PCBC’s Gold Nugget Awards are highly prized by architects and builders. Presented annually to the top innovators in design, planning and development, the ceremony was held virtually this year without compromising the intensity of the competition.

A Grand Award was received for a modern LDG-designed residence in the “Best On-The-Boards Custom Home” category, a project whose challenging site conditions required considerable architectural finesse. The three award-winning homes by LDG reflect a wide range of styles and themes, highlighting the firm’s versatility. Each project demanded innovation and ingenuity in addressing diverse design objectives and overcoming unique environmental or site-specific challenges.

The ultimate achievement in this competition, a Grand Award was conferred on LDG for Hillside Residence, a sophisticated modern residence forced into a restrictive building envelope that included a challenging 14-foot height limit due to stringent local zoning regulations. Because the client desired the feeling of a two-story home, LDG designed a sunken courtyard/atrium, which invites natural light and provides an open, airy feeling even below grade. An ingenious use of windows and skylights floods the main floor and basement level with light.

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Sliding glass panels, some of which disappear into walls for increased transparency, delightfully blur boundaries between indoors and out, an illusion further enhanced through the use of materials that extend seamlessly from interior to outdoor spaces. Among the dramatic accents in this contemporary residence are a glass tile-clad water wall and book-matched slabs of luxurious stones indoors and out.

The three Los Angeles area residences honored share an elegant sense of drama, which makes every LDG-designed home equally memorable in terms of aesthetics and spatial experience. Over the years, LDG, which has never been bound by a “signature” design, has received 81 coveted Gold Nugget Awards for its exceptional residential architecture. While the firm is renowned for its meticulously proportioned interpretations of classical architecture, more than half of its current portfolio is comprised of dramatic expressions of modernism.

That versatility is reflected in the LDG homes recognized by PCBC this year, and two of those residences—a Merit Award for “Best On-The-Boards Custom House” and Merit Award for “Best Custom Home Over 8,000 s.f.”—represent an innovative hybrid approach that blends elements from both traditional and contemporary styles.