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Is It Okay to Have the Same Area Rug in Two or More Rooms?

A collage of area rugs.

There is a common question about decorating an interior space when it comes to flooring protection. Do you use rugs, and if so, should the rugs match one another throughout the interior space? Some would suggest that you could use the same rugs and I agree.

For starters, this will really tie the rooms together and create a cohesive look for your entire home. That’s a goal that most homeowners want to achieve. Of course, in a bohemian home, the rugs should match the mood of the space, and in that case, each room has a different function and its own style of rug.

Let’s talk about how to use the same area rug, which is a larger-sized rug, in more than one room.

Understanding What are Area Rugs    

Different rugs and carpet designs in a room.

What is an area rug? Before we figure out whether you can use the same style of area rug for more than one room, it helps to nail down what an area rug is exactly. This is a type of rug that is larger than most, but that’s a vague explanation.

Here is Flooring America to help me out: “An area rug is simply a carpet, often much smaller than the dimensions of the room. Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, which stretches across the entire room, area rugs come in a variety of sizes, such as 5’x8’ and 8’x11’ being some of the most popular sizes. Some area rugs are geometric (often rectangular or circular in form), while others come in irregular, organic shapes (such as sheepskin or cowhide area rugs).” 

Artistic Weavers Anja Oriental Medallion Area Rug,5'2" x 7',Grey

As you can see, when you need a rug that is big enough to fill an empty and expansive space, then it needs to be an area rug. The rug should not be so big that it becomes a full-on carpet by covering every inch of the flooring. The area rug needs to be removable and easy to pick up, as well.

This is the other main difference between an area rug and a complete floor covering. Finally, area rugs should be there as an accent piece more so than for their functionality. This brings up the way to style area rugs, which includes using the same area rug in more than one room. 

Accenting With Area Rugs

A large bedroom with good light accent.

Buying more than one area rug to use for more than one room is a good idea if you have a lot of area to cover. If you are living in an apartment, for example, and you want to replace or cover up the carpet, then this is a great investment.

Throw around a few area rugs per bedroom and in the living room, and voila! You are done with half of the decorating and have completely transformed the space into one that is completely your own.

The rugs are going to be new or at least they come from you, and you can trust sitting on these rather than on the used carpets. If you have pets, then area rugs are an excellent investment as a way to protect your deposit with the rental office. You don’t have to worry about the dog or cat urinating on the carpet or hardwood when you have laid a layer of area rugs to cover up the flooring.

Saving Time and Money With Bulk Rug Buying Decisions

Pile of Persian rugs with different design.

When you are buying rugs for your home, you already know about how many rugs you are going to need. Of course, there are some rooms that require specialty rugs, such as the bathroom, where you may want a more fluffy yet waterproof rug.

The doorway is another place where the rug might be unique, if you choose to use a rug as part of your entryway decor. At the same time, if you have more than two bedrooms, and are living on more than one level, it helps to just buy a bunch of the same exact rugs to cover all your spaces. This is where you can use rugs–in front of doorways, next to beds, and in front of seating arrangements. 

Once you understand how you are going to use rugs, you can more easily choose the right material and color of rug for your household. Some households require more low pile rugs that have colorful, and maybe even playful or educational, prints that are ideal for children. Other households want rugs that have high piles, which is the height of the rug weave.

These are more luxurious under foot and give a more comfortable and warm feeling. However, the higher pile rugs are also more difficult to keep clean, which is why these are not great for households with children, pets, or high traffic spaces.

Choosing the Same Material With Area Rugs

Blue and stripe rugs in a living room with synthetic rattan chair.

Source: Wayfair

Buying all the same material and color of rugs does another thing, too, in terms of the look of the space. You want to have a material that is going to stand up to whatever use the room goes through.

Examples of this include having a lot of foot traffic or being used for eating, like with a dining room. Some materials are better suited for durability, for example, while other types of area rugs are selected for style. 

Wayfair explains how to find the most durable rug for a high traffic space: “The most durable rug options are handmade, especially hand-knotted or flat weave wool, sisal, bamboo slat, seagrass, hemp, and polypropylene/olefin rugs that are either flat piles or medium-flat piles. Hand-knotted wool rugs can last long enough to be passed down through generations.”

If you know in advance about the type of material of rug you want to buy, you can more easily select all of the area rugs you want for your interior space. Layering the rugs is also a way you can improve the durability and wear of these materials.