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Fjordeveien House by Hesselbrand

Fjordeveien House by Hesselbrand

Location: Holmestrand, Norway
Year: 2017 – 2020
Area: 45 m2 / 484 ft2
Martin Brandsdal
Magnus Casselbrant
Jesper Henriksson
Mira Wolden
Louis Gervais

About Hesselbrand
Hesselbrand is an international architectural studio established by Martin Brandsdal, Magnus Casselbrant, and Jesper Henriksson in 2014, with offices in London and Oslo. Their work includes a wide spectrum of arts, cultural, hospitality, and residential projects, spanning a range of scales from interiors and temporary installations to new build houses and multi-story buildings.

Recent projects include the re-design and major renovation of a hotel and art foundation in Tuscany (Villa Lena), a global concept for flagship stores and temporary retail spaces for a fashion brand (1017 ALYX 9SM), a 200 bedroom hotel and spa in Ticino, Switzerland (Acquarossa), a co-living housing project in Sweden (Rooms House), a high-end holiday home in Norway (Heggesaetra), and a fine art gallery in London (Soho Revue Gallery). In 2016, Hesselbrand delivered the exhibition design for the British Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale (Home Economics).

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Fjordveien House is a small holiday home constructed on a limited budget located only a few meters away from a fjord in Holmestrand, Norway. The aim of the project was to achieve a range of different spatial and social qualities through a very economical plan. The main volume is thus divided into three different spaces by a central wall, producing a large social space and two smaller intimate rooms. Attached on one of the short sides is a bathroom.

The façade is clad in heat-treated pine panels, and the asymmetrical arrangement of elements allows for different ways of inhabiting and experiencing the interior space in relation to its surroundings. The constant size of the window frames ties the openings together, and reveal how they respond to a plan where every space benefit from natural light and views towards the fjord.

The rhythm of the columns directs focus towards a relatively thick roof, which gives the building an expression of stability and resilience, which feels very welcoming on a site fully exposed to the wind and rain of the fjord landscape.

This project is a demonstration of how a few well-considered walls and openings can create a versatile interior that provides a lot of flexibility in its use. As an example, the smaller rooms can be furnished as bedrooms or studies, depending on the position of the furniture, while windows and doors have been carefully designed to create a feeling of closeness to the surrounding nature.

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