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15 New DIY Patio Furniture and Decoration Ideas for More Functional Outdoor Space

Check out these 15 DIY patio furniture and decoration ideas (with photos) to enhance your outdoor space.

Infinity patio with carved wooden furniture overlooking the water.

Even though the patio is outdoors, it is still an extension of your home. You can easily make your backyard functional and beautiful with a few simple ideas. Whether you want to work on some do-it-yourself projects or take inspiration from other patios, your patio will extend your personality to the outdoors.

Gravel Patio with Furniture

If you don’t technically have a patio, you can make your own with some gravel. Once the gravel is put on the ground you can set up your furniture on your new patio.

Gravel patio

Image source:  Charlotte Holmes at Flickr

Milk Crate Table

A milk crate table is one of the easiest DIY-projects you can do. Simply get an old milk crate and put the open side on the ground. Try painting it different colors or stenciling designs on it.

Wooden Rolling Cart

Patio furniture should be attractive and practical. A rolling cart combines the two. You can add some wheels onto a table you already own or you can make your own table if you’re feeling ambitious. Paint it a bright color to add some more flair to your backyard.

Large Fire Pit

A fire pit can be a good centerpiece to your patio. Whether you make your own fire pit or buy one, it will add some extra warmth and can be a great conversation starter.

Fire pit in the center of a radial flagstone patio.

Backyard Lily Pond

A small pond in your backyard can be a relaxing addition to your home. While a lily pond does require some time-intensive initial set-up, it’s surprisingly easy to DIY.

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Lily pond next to wooden deck patio.

Image source:  stonescape at Flickr

DIY Hammock

Hammocks are the epitome of relaxing furniture. Making your own hammock requires some fabric, rope and zip ties. Kicking back and relaxing couldn’t be easier.

DIY hammock on a deck.
Image source: aaronHwarren at Flickr

Large Umbrella

A large umbrella can provide much-needed shade from the sun during those hot summer months. A large standing umbrella or an umbrella that goes with a table set can be a good focal point for your backyard.

Patio dining area with large umbrella.

Image source: Wonderlane at Flickr

Stone Patio with Plants

Flowers and grasses can add plenty of natural color to your patio. Choose a wide variety of plants that complement the color of your patio.

Patio surrounded by gardens.

Image source:  Robert Sarkisian at Flickr

DIY Benches

Outdoor seating is a must for your patio. You can use anything to make seats; concrete slabs, wooden slats and a cushion can make a cozy bench, whereas a cushion on an old tire can be a good way to recycle and reuse old items. Seating can even be incorporated into existing walls.

Patio with built-in DIY bench.

Image source:  John Mills at Flickr

Revamp Your Picnic Table

The old stand-by of patio furniture, picnic tables don’t have to be boring. Consider painting old picnic tables a bright shade of blue or yellow. Or, opt for a picnic table with a new design altogether.

Rounded picnic table.

Image source:  Jeremy Levine at Flickr

Easy Canopy

Looking for a simple way to create some shade? Grab four posts — all the same length, of course — and stick them in the ground. Attach fabric to each of the four posts and make the material taut for the best results. You might need to attach a cord from the top of the canopy to the ground if there’s a strong breeze, so plan accordingly.

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Garden patio with pavilion.

Wall Decorations

The sides of your house don’t need to be bare. Add some weather-resistant items to your walls, such as metal designs or old clocks. Or even select climbing plants and coax them up your walls with a trellis.

Patio with lattice fence with plants climbing up the lattice work.

Image source:  Tristan Ferne at Flickr

A Variety of Light Fixtures

Your patio is an extension of your home, so you’ll want to spend time outside day and night. Hanging lanterns and candles can enhance the ambiance once the sun goes down.

Patio at night with custom mood lighting.

Image source: Media Director via Flickr

Storage Container and Bench

The only thing better than a bench is a storage container that can also function as a bench. Affix the cushions with ties so that you can remove them during inclement weather.

Surround Your Grass with Walkways

While normally you’d have your furniture on stone and grass surrounding it, mixing things up can be a new twist on the idea of a patio.

Patio in the middle of a garden.

Your patio is another part of your home, so it requires just as much maintenance as the rest of your house. Furniture covers can make your furniture last for years, as can removing cushions and other fabric items before rain. Put your furniture away for the winter; most patio furniture is meant for warm summer months, not snowy winter storms.

Once your patio is set up the way you want, you’ll be able to enjoy your backyard to its full potential.

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