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24 Dining Room Décor Ideas to Delight the Senses

Published on May 24, 2023

Nordic-inspired dining room has lovely wood elements throughout in different textures and tones.

Welcome to our site where you will find amazing dining room décor ideas curated from the best designs. Be sure to scroll through our hand picked interior photos so you can read all about the details of each design. We hope to inspire and ignite creativity on your journey. 

1. California Classic Dining Room

This effortless classic dining room is layered with great accessories starting with the ivory drapes which add simple texture and the black continuous rod compliments the black chandelier. The olive tree in the corner and hydrangeas on the table, is the perfect amount of greenery for this serene space. The large white urn-style vase and wood bowl bring that lovely natural element into the design.

2. Charming Layered Dining Room

The green drapes set the color tone for this charming and eclectic dining room design. I love the vintage rug which has a nice pattern but isn’t too overpowering and it plays well of the drapery trim. The antique portrait painting is a perfect fit for the wall and the globe pendant light compliments the antique chairs. I love the open console cabinet that displays the collected dishes and lamp and the layering of flowers and dishes on the table completes the look. 


3. Modern & Bold Dining Room

This modern dining room has the perfect amount of accessories to make a bold and simple statement. The dark navy accent wall draws your attention to the abstract art which brings the “wow” to this room. I love the globe cluster chandelier above the table, it’s like jewelry for the room. The textured gray rug is a perfect neutral pairing with the dark floors and black table. I think the heavy white drapes and simple accessories really complete the design.

4. Transitional Modern Dining Room

If you like marble, this is the dining room for you with marble floor and accent marble wall. The light floor, wall and ceiling are contrasted with the black dining table and dark gray upholstered dining room chairs.

If you love marble, this is the dining room for you, complete with gorgeous marble flooring and a marble accent  wall. The tier pendant light is a perfect fit for this space, it brings a touch of elegance. The table is set to perfection with smokey wine glasses and modern place settings. I enjoy the touch of greenery  placed in the center of the table, it definitely warms up the design. 

5. Moody & Traditional Dining Room

An elegant dining room with a romantic vibe maximized by the three-tier chandelier's ambient lighting. It has a cozy dining set and a wooden buffet table that's paired with a round mirror mounted on the arched wainscoted wall.

This moody and elegant dining room has a romantic vibe with the satin drapes and dark brown walls. A three-tiered chandelier creates wonderful ambient light in addition to the matching table lamps. I love the natural element of the wood sculpture and the decorative round mirror. I would have liked to see a different color/patterned rug under the table, the navy and geometric rug misses the mark a bit. Perhaps a vintage-style rug with browns and beige and a touch of gray would work better. 

6. Scandinavian-Inspired Dining Room

This is an open concept house with a cozy dining space featuring a distressed dining table and wooden round back chairs that can accommodate eight people. A very warming area with wood paneled ceiling and a herringbone flooring.

This open concept dining room has tons of Scandinavian influences starting with the wood curved-back chairs. with a cozy dining space featuring a distressed dining table and wooden round back chairs that can accommodate eight people. The warm herringbone flooring and light wood ceiling contrast nicely to create a very organic vibe. I think the black and white vases bowls are the perfect accessories for the table, keep it simple and classic. 

7. Elegant Maximalist Dining Room

If you are a fan of maximalism design, then you’ll love this gorgeous dining room chock-full of great decor ideas. The lavender patterned drapes add a layer to the design and compliment the floral wallpaper and the hydrangea arrangements. Stunning cage-like brass pendant lights hang over the antique dining table that is paired with blue and white upholstered dining chairs. I love the rich wood buffet with brass details and the matching lemon colored lamps, which also compliment the wallpaper. A large neutral rug adds warmth to the space and wonderful table settings and accessories complete the maximal design. 

8. Nordic-Style Dining Room

Another cozy dining room with plenty of wood elements running throughout the area. Plenty of glazed windows bring an abundance of natural light in.

This nordic-inspired dining room has lovely wood elements throughout in different textures and tones. A plethora of windows let in an abundance of natural light, keeping the space bright and airy. There is a mix of cage and wood pendant lights hanging from the ceiling and a large wood glass cabinet for additional storage. I think a neutral flat-weave rug would have worked well in this space to add some texture and warmth.

9. Formal & Chic Dining Room

Fancy glass chandelier adds elegance in this dining room with a round dining table and green cushioned chairs matching with the wainscoted walls and cabinets. There's also a flat-screen TV which you would not normally see in a dining area.

The stunning crystal chandelier creates an elegant mood in this formal  and chic dining room. The teal built-in cabinet offers storage and a chance to display accessories and compliments the teal cushioned dining chairs. You can also see the same color carried into the area rug, which really grounds the space and the custom drapes add another layer of color to the design. The table seems to be set for a formal dinner with wine and champagne glasses. 

10. Minimalist Dining Room

Not everyone will find this all-wood dining room appealing. Unless you're a minimalist, you'll appreciate the simple setup containing a round dining set with a white dome pendant overhead flanked by a wooden bench and an open fireplace.

If you’re a minimalist, then you will appreciate the mostly wood design of this dining room. It is a relaxed atmosphere featuring  a modern white dome pendant that hangs over a round marble-top table. The dining chairs have woven seats and a simple plywood bench sits off to the right. It would have been nice to see some abstract art or a painting hanging over the fireplace to showcase the overall design.

11. Hollywood Glam Dining Room

Elegant dining room decorated with a round mirror and a spectacular chandelier that hung over the marble top table surrounded by sleek velvet chairs. Floral wallpaper and a blue area rug bring an inviting and welcoming vibe in the area.

This blue-infused dining room has an old Hollywood Glam feel with it’s velvet upholstered chairs and empire chandelier. I love the mushroom print blue wallpaper and the vintage rich blue rug, they add depth and pizazz to the design.  The light sconces fit in perfectly with that art-deco vibe along with the decorative mirror that hangs over the buffet. The wood scalloped-front cabinet brings in a warm tone and those foldable bar carts are great for entertaining and moving around for guests. 

12. Eccentric Elegant Dining Room

Gorgeous portrait along with an eccentric chandelier creates an interesting tone in this dining room with a long black table and tufted wingback chairs in gray velvet. Dark walls and flooring are balanced with natural light flowing in from the full height glazing

I love the eccentric and elegant mix of design in this dining room, starting with that massive portrait painting which looks like it’s framed in marble. The unusually shaped chandelier has a bit of an art-deco look and the geometric drapes add a modern touch.  Those crystal light sconces add a glamorous along with the pale lavender upholstered dining chairs. 

13.  Modern Scandi-Style Dining Room

An open dining room with a stylish cluster chandelier and modern blue chairs surrounding a rectangular dining table that blends in with the rich hardwood flooring. It is accompanied by a round wooden table and stools by the bay window.This is an open living space with a modern and Scandinavian mix throughout.  I absolutely love the brass tube-like chandelier, it’s like adding a nice piece of jewelry in a more subtle design. The teal velvet mid-century chairs really pop off the rich wood table and flooring and compliment the velvet stools by entry table. The have really set this table to perfection and the floral arrangements are beautiful. 

14. Mid-Century Dining Room

Full height glazing creates a sense of space in this bright dining room with tiled flooring and white walls accented by a blue canvas painting. It is filled with sleek cushioned chairs and a wooden dining table lit by a white pendant light.This mid-century designed dining room feels very light and airy with its white walls, and flat dome pendant light.  The terrazzo tiled flooring is a brilliant design choice, and easy to clean. Traditional mid-century dining chairs with black leather seats pair well with the solid wood dining table. I appreciate the pop of blue in the bold wall painting and it compliments the decorative porcelain blue cat and bird that sit centered on the table. 

15. Beachy Minimalism Dining Room

An abundance of natural light flows in through the white framed windows in this beach-style dining room with round back chairs and a long rectangular dining table illuminated by wicker pendants.An abundance of natural light flows in through the white-framed windows, in this beachy and minimalistic dining room. The round woven pendant lights take center stage in the design and pair well with the large jute area rug. I love the succulent arrangements that flank the natural wood bowl on the solid wood dining table. The white wishbone dining chairs add a Nordic touch and relaxed look to the room.

16. Transitional Polished Dining Room

A cozy dining space across the bar boasting a gray dining table and upholstered chairs that sit on a blue area rug over the hardwood flooring. It is decorated with an abstract painting and glass cluster chandelier that hung from the shiplap ceiling.This transitional dining room has a polished look with upholstered gray chairs, paired with a dark wood table and a stunning linear crystal chandelier. The blue rug has a vintage, slightly worn look and compliments the blue abstract painting on the wall.  Two beautiful floral arrangements adorn the table top, keeping the decor simple yet refined.

17.  Sophisticated Mid-Century Dining Room

Contemporary chandeliers illuminate this dining room featuring a granite top table and gray wingback chairs over a distressed area rug. It is accompanied by large artworks and wooden buffet tables.The amber globe chandeliers illuminate this modern dining which features a large abstract painting above the built-in wood wall unit. A granite top dining table and gray wingback chairs are paired well with the distressed area rug that warms the space. over a distressed area rug. Wonderful use of accessories throughout including the matching tall brass table lamps and vintage tall-neck vases. 

18. Eclectic-Maximalist Dining Room

This dining room is decorated with an eclectic art gallery along with a lovely white chandelier that hung from the beamed ceiling. It has a long dining set and a fireplace flanked by brass sconces and matching table lamps that sit on dark wood tables.You don’t know where to look first in this incredibly eclectic dining room that is designed for the ultimate maximalist. The walls are adorned with an eclectic gallery of art and a large intricate antique mirror. The windows have carved wood doorways that are dressed in red drapery and valances with gold trim. Instead of floor moulding there is decorative tile all along the lower walls and the ceiling is painted yellow with exposed wood beams. I adore all the unique table lamps with stripe shades, adds a bit of whimsy to the design.  

19. Bohemian Meets Key West Dining Room

Key-West meets bohemian design in this bright and cheerful dining room. Bold green palm patterned drapes cover the windows that have woven roman shades to block out the sun when it gets too hot. The stripe rug adds a warm texture to the design, along with the woven panton-style dining chairs and the tassel-tier chandelier. The simple placement of black and white art on the wall and greenery in the table vase completes the relaxed bohemian look.

20. Luxe-Inspired Dining Room

Clad in striped and fleur patterned wallpaper, this dining room showcases beige round back chairs and an oval dining table topped with lovely vases. It includes a display cabinet and a fireplace under a chic arched mirror.This luxe dining room is clad in a mix of  beige and white striped wallpaper and damask wallpaper.  An elegant white vintage mirror hangs over the marble fireplace and crystal sconces flank the black framed art on the wall. A gorgeous antique crystal chandelier hangs over the white dining table, that is paired with victorian-style dining chairs. I like the way they cleverly disguised the wall heater with a custom built cover that blends in with the beige wallpaper. 

21. Alluring & Eclectic Dining Room

Gorgeous glass chandeliers and brass framed mirrors add a perfect symmetry in this traditional dining room with gold tray ceiling and dark hardwood flooring topped by a large area rug. It offers a long dining table paired with green and brown chairs.

I love all the eclectic details in this alluring dining room, starting with the large antique glass-lantern pendants hanging over the beautiful extended dining table. Dual brass mirrors hang over the custom cabinets that provide ample storage.  The modern lime-green side chairs are paired with rustic leather armchairs at the heads of the table. You can’t help but look up and notice that stunning brass plated ceiling, which creates a regal vibe and completes the eclectic design. 

22. Mountain-Style Craftsman Dining Room

This dining room showcases a cozy dining set lighted by a drum chandelier along with a glazed window framing the outdoor scenery. It has hardwood flooring and white walls accented with a pair of lovely artworks and wooden wainscoting that matches the tray ceiling.

This dining room has a cozy mountain-style design with some craftsman touches throughout. The large metal drum chandelier pairs well with the  solid wood table and leather dining chairs. You can enjoy dinner while you gaze out the french windows onto the snow cap mountains. The framed abstract art and black ceramic vase collection adds a nice decorative feel which completes the design.

23. Colonial-Influenced Dining Room

This stunning colonial-inspired dining room has so many gorgeous design details layered throughout. The elegantly trimmed gray area rug grounds the room and the blue drapes and framed art add texture and accentuate the space. I love all the chinoiserie ginger jars as accessories and the arched built-in cabinet which displays the milk glass collection. The beautiful plants and purple flowers are the finishing touch of color in this perfectly styled dining room.

24.  Farmhouse-Inspired Dining Room

This farmhouse-inspired dining space is surrounded by warm beige cabinetry trimmed to perfection and a large antique chandelier. A gray and white stripe rug grounds the room and pairs nicely with the brown leather and white antique chairs. I love the glazed off-white vases and purple flowers that adorn that gorgeous weathered wood dining table. Everything fits together well to create a warm and inviting space. 


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