Dandelion Chocolate Kyoto Higashiyama Ichinen-zaka Branch by Fumihiko Sano Studio

Address: 363-6 Masuyachō, Higashiyama-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu
Program: Restaurant
Construction: Kansai Reform Labo
Floor area: 226.18㎡
Completion: 04/2018
Photographer: ad hoc inc. Daisuke Shima

Design firm: Fumihiko Sano Studio
For project inquiry: info@fumihikosano.jp
For press inquiry: press@fumihikosano.jp

The project is situated in a narrow street in Ichinenzaka near Koenji. The building is designated as a cultural property by the city of Kyoto, thus much of the neighborhood has retained the antique aesthetics of the past. The renovation design revives the at¬mosphere of the traditional Kyoto architecture while incorporating a casual, open space reminiscent of San Francisco; the original location of Dandelion Chocolate.

Cedar wood is a vital material in Japanese architecture. Traditional houses often rely on building materials such as the kamoi, nageshi, mawaribuchi shoji and ranma to be built from cedar trees. Cedar is the main material for this project considering craft chocolate and cedar require authentic craftsmanship and carefully selected natural ingredients, the similarities were used a source of inspiration for the material decision.

By incorporating a modern adaptation of a classical Japanese architectural design, we hope to extend the lifespan of a one hundred year old building by another one hundred years.

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