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Crooked Playhouse (Floor Plan)

Crooked Playhouse


  • Total Floor Area: 23 sq. ft. / 2,1 m²
  • L X W: 5′-5″ x 4′-2″ (1,66 m x 1,25 m)
  • DIY Building cost: $800

Welcome to photos and footprint for a crooked playhouse. Here’s the floor plan:

Schematic floor plan of a crooked playhouse with a 23 sq. ft. main room.

Schematic floor plan

Elevations of the crooked playhouse.

Elevations of the crooked playhouse.

The crooked playhouse offers a small and simple floor plan perfect for those who have a budget in mind. It has a unique and fun exterior that’s truly eye-catching. Children will appreciate the bright colors and decorations that you can add to create a more exciting playhouse.

The floor plan is a simple square layout with one room and four walls that are slightly sloped towards the house to create a visually larger interior. Windows and doors are also slightly tilted for a cohesive look and a cross gable roof adds a nice touch with its attic windows bringing more light in.