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One way to liven up any patio is by adding a fireplace.  It can be a fire pit or a fireplace,  wood-fueled or gas.  The styles vary tremendously. The patio fireplace creates a great gathering point for friends and family.    It also helps illuminate and warm your outdoor space during those cool nights! Outdoor […]

Without fail, decks, patios and balconies conjure up a romantic notion of relaxation and serenity… and for good reason.  There is no finer way to start the day than with a cup of coffee on a deck as the sun rises or ending the day with a cool beverage as the sun lowers. But, there’s […]

  There are few elements of a home that are as luxurious as an indoor swimming pool.  The indoor pool adds an ambience that not much else can compete with. If you’re financially able, an indoor pool is a must.  Having a pool right inside your own home with unlimited access and privacy is something that some […]

An infinity pool takes the luxury of a swimming pool and adds an ineffable mystique that can only be achieved through the unique construction which allows the water to vanish into the horizon.  The edge of the pool terminates at a weir just below the surface, allowing water to flow over and down into a catch […]

Ahhhh, the dream of a backyard swimming pool.  I definitely would love to have a gorgeous swimming pool. One very popular pool shape is the kidney pool shape. Which begs the question: Why are kidney-shaped pools popular? What’s the deal with the “kidney” shape? There are a few reasons many pools are kidney shaped. 1. […]

We recently purchased a small propane-fueled fire pit.  We went with a small portable version for camping so we can have fires during wood-fire burning bans. However, if you wish to enjoy a fire pit in your backyard and want an easy-start, non-smoke emitting option, propane-fueled patio fire pits are an ideal solution. In fact, […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a wealth of incredible, extensive multi-level deck designs. While homes with smaller backyards may only need one deck and patio area, if you have the space, the trend is to build a sprawling, multi-level deck. Each level is used for a different purpose; on a single-level deck, a grilling area, […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring floating deck designs. A floating, or freestanding deck, is one that can be placed virtually anywhere in any yard, regardless of layout or space. It’s a way to heighten the experience of your yard, add a dedicated social spot, and create the perfect atmosphere for dining or relaxing. Floating decks […]

Whether you need storage for gardening tools, pool supplies and toys, grilling utensils, cushions, the kid’s backyard toys or any number of other items, an outdoor deck storage box will keep it all neat, secure and right at your fingertips. Take into consideration what you will be using the box for and where it will […]

Finally! Chilly weather is a thing of the past. Now, is the time for open-air BBQs, backyard picnics and tons of carefree days spent lounging on the patio. If you’re planning on savoring this spring and are interested in patio furnishings, we’ve got tons of ideas for your ultimate outdoor oasis. Patio furniture and dining […]

Welcome to our gallery of serene star gazing stations! Sometimes you have to lay back and put things in perspective. There is nothing that brings the scope of the universe into view quite like star gazing. Whether you are laying back in the grass watching the stars twinkle in the night sky or using a […]

Welcome to our gallery of sublime Adirondack relaxation spaces! When constructing your yard space you have an almost endless number of possibilities. There are so many kinds of outdoor seating arrangements and landscaping options. Many of them are versatile, stylish, and appealing. But sometimes you want your space to be simple. A place you can […]

Welcome to our picnic table gallery! Whether you have an outdoor space that you like to show off or you just like to have parties and gatherings outside, you will need a place for everyone to sit. The quintessential outdoor eating spot is a picnic table. The simple picnic table is nearly synonymous with outdoor […]

Welcome to our backyard swing gallery! When you are set on kicking back and enjoying your yard, nothing is better than the right seat. There are countless seating options for an outdoor area, but one category stands alone. Yard swings can serve multiple functions. A swing can be an entertaining activity, both for children and […]

Welcome to our guide to building swimming pools and the potential cost of doing so. This guide’s goal is to provide you with the basic knowledge of the average costs involved when buying and installing a swimming pool, as well as your available options. This guide is not an exact estimate for your specific needs, […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a number of marvelous patio designs created by Bespoke Home Staging & Interiors. Bespoke Home Staging & Interiors is a company that focuses on providing staging services, as well as the sale of high-quality custom furnishings to decorators, interior designers, and a variety of other customers. Popular interior designers seek […]

Welcome to another free deck plan/blueprint.  This one features a wooden deck design with built-in benches for seating and storage.  The original source of this deck is found at Zillow DigsTM. The benefits of adding built-in benches with a back to any deck are clear.  You gain a great deal of seating plus storage – […]

One of the most popular deck features these days is a pergola such as the deck above (source: Zillow DigsTM). The above pergola design is a little different than most.  Most pergola tops are parallel boards sitting on their side.  The above is a checkered wood frame with some squares using lattice woodwork.  If you’d like […]

Welcome to our definitive guide to everything you need to know about swimming pools! Swimming pools are a fantastic way to relax in the summertime, and are popular with private home owners, particularly those without a beach nearby. A swimming pool is an expensive investment, but one that few people can say they regret. They […]

Welcome to our guide featuring a wide array of swimming pool covers! Swimming pool covers can have multiple functions. First and foremost, covering your pool is an important step in winterizing. Covering your pool in the winter helps prevent debris from falling in, and unwanted critters from taking up residence in your swimming pool. Swimming pool […]

It may seem like there are endless pool shapes and designs. So many different kinds of pools are out there, ranging from the widely used ovals and rectangles to some truly unique and interesting designs. How do you start choosing one that suits your needs? The first thing you need to consider when choosing a […]

Welcome to our free blueprint of a 2-level wood deck design and plans. => Click here to download the full PDF blueprint The 2-level is a popular design because it’s both pleasing to the eye and can be very functional.  One or two steps creates 2 distinct sections of the deck. Often the upper section, […]

In the summer, it’s always nice to have a pool to take a dip. But we all know that pools can be expensive. Installations materials, fencing, maintenance . . . the costs can stack up pretty quickly. Beyond that, pools are a large commitment of time and space. You are dedicating considerable yard space, and may even […]

Our next deck design was inspired by the flat deck design pictured above, which can be found here. Our aim with our series of free deck plans is to offer a diverse selection of deck blueprints. This particular design is similar to a patio, except it’s all deck.  Our blueprint (see below) includes footings and […]