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The Award Winning Catamaran Apartments by Salt & Water Architecture and Yacht Design

The Catamaran ApartmentsThe Catamaran Apartments are an innovative project built by Salt & Water Architecture and Yacht Design. Their design, build, and execution was so unique that they won the Millennium Yacht Design Award – MYDA 2015.

The purpose and mission of the project are to encourage tourism on inland waters. These are beautiful areas of nature that are often neglected. Visitors can enjoy the calm water and scenery without any interruption from their floating apartments.

To get to the apartments, guests must first pass through the central floating structure. The central unit is similar to conventional land hotels in terms of the amenities offered.

There is a reception desk for check in and any questions the visitors may have during their stay. Guests also have access to the restaurant where they can enjoy a tasty meal right on the water. The Catamaran Apartment employees have their offices on the main floating unit.

In addition, there is also a café where visitors can grab a quick cup of coffee or light snack. If you’re staying with a large group, Catamaran Apartments also have an event hall, which is available for hosting a party.

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Private Yacht Apartments

As you pass through the main floating building, you’ll have access to your private floating apartment on the water. The apartments are more than just a place to sleep and relax. Each unit can individually separate from the dock and navigated through the water. Essentially, it’s your own private boat.

Each apartment has a salon, which is the boating term for a living room or social area. They also have a galley, storage space, bathroom, and elevated sleeping area above the salon. The salon also converts into a double bed, if necessary so that these units can accommodate two to four guests comfortably.

There is a platform on each apartment as well. The platform is the perfect spot to relax in the sun or jump into the water. Guests can also use their deck as a place to cast their lines and catch some fish.

The versatility of the Catamaran Apartments is unmatched. Guests have the option to stay by the dock and socialize with other people staying there. If they want privacy or seclusion, they can drive their apartment away and treat it like a small private yacht.

It’s the ultimate destination for luxury in nature on inland waters.

Design by Salt & Water Architecture and Yacht Design

Design by Salt & Water Architecture and Yacht Design