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An Apartment in Mooca by oitentaedois feat. Firma

An Apartment in Mooca by oitentaedois feat. Firma

Project year: 2014
Project construction: 2014 – 2018
Area: 140m²
Location: R. Celso de Azevedo Marques – São Paulo, SP – Brazil
Photographs: Manuel Sá
Photographer`s Instagram: @omanuelsa
Architects in charge: Bruno Jin Young Kim, Carlos Eduardo Murgel Miller
Team: Claudia Kim Kim, Marina Novaes de Camillo
Lighting: Reka Iluminação
Woodwork: Visual Móbile
Furniture: Fernando Jaeger Atelier


Instagram: @coletivo.oitentaedois

oitentaedois is a collective based in São Paulo formed by artists, designers, and architects. Our practice is grounded on a multi-disciplinary and integrated perspective considering expertise in areas such as design, audio-visual, architecture, and graphic arts. We combine each area accordingly to the job needs, offering relevant and contemporary results.

about FIRMA

Instagram: @firma_arq

Firma is an architectural office based in São Paulo that specializes in private, institutional, and public projects. Most importantly, we believe that architecture is a process of synthesis and convergence, making teamwork, dialogue, and understanding of our clients’ needs the way to overcome pre-conceived forms and ideas. Our goal is to produce highly effective projects, regardless of their nature or scale. We focus on meeting the aspirations of each client while aligning with the demands of the contemporary world.

Apartment renovation in Mooca neighborhood, located in the city of São Paulo – Brazil originally designed by the Brazillian architect David Libeskind, in the ’60s.

We were commissioned by a grandfather and grandmother to renovate the apartment where they grew their children for more than 35 years.

The apartment had received many small modifications throughout the decades resulting in a space without coherence, as it is common to many Brazillian homes.

Since the children had now grown up and left home, the couple wished that the apartment could be appropriate for them to live their old years and to enjoy the visit of their grandchildren.

The project was a long process of reflection and discoveries with the clients that went on for about 4 years from the first drafts until the conclusion of the renovation.

We took advantage of the fact that there is only one beam crossing the apartment to create a wide-open space, and the layout was thought to create a comfortable space for the couple and to receive the visit of the whole family.

The dining table, also traditionally used for studying, playing, and talking was positioned in the center of the apartment while the other rooms were positioned around it.

After the renovation was finished, the couple remarked that the higher presence of natural light, ventilation, and the wider view of the city`s skyline brings them a feeling of calm and lightness.

The process of developing the project also helped the clients to rethink their way of living towards a life with less material assets. This wish that they had served as a guide to all decisions made in the project.