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Alpine Barn Apartment by OFIS Architects

Architect’s Firm: OFIS Architects
Location: Bohinj, Slovenia
Program: Revitalisation
Client: Private
Area: 120m²
Year: 2014-2015
Type: Aparment
Status: Built
Project Team: Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik,
Andrej Gregoric, Janez Martincic,
Michele Albonetti, Maria Della Mea, Tomaž Cirkvencic, Pawel Nikkiel, Gözde Okyay, Roberta Costa,Maria Rosaria Ritonnaro, Ralea Toma Ioan Catalin, Grega Valencic, Vlad Popa, Tanja Veselic, Jade Manbodh
Structural Engineering: Projecta
Mechanical Engineering: MM-term
Electrical Engineering: ES
Lighting: Arcadia lightwear
General contractor: Permiz

Traditional landmarks creating a Slovenian countryside also include different types of farmhouses, hayracks, and barns. Unfortunately, many of these no longer serve their purpose, therefore are mostly in poor condition, non-maintained, and often simply destroyed and replaced with generic housing.

Only by embracing the traditions that have been passed on to by their ancestors ensure that the Slovene vernacular architecture* survives not just as a national symbol, but also an integral part of the Slovenian rural lifestyle.

*a category of architecture based on local needs, construction materials and reflecting local traditions

Old Barn Revitalization

The concept converts an old barn into a loft apartment by leaving the original exterior appearance intact in contrast with creating a new internal wooden shell.

Originally, the ground floor served as a stable for stock and the upper level for drying and storing hay and farm equipment. The existing ramp, which leads to the wooden deck above the cattle area – is kept and serves as the main entrance to the new gallery apartment. The former external storage area next to the entrance is converted into the porch overlooking the Alps.

All external wooden cladding and concrete roof slates are maintained, the only intervention is perforations into wooden parts behind internal windows and opening of the front porch. Along the main volume between each existing wooden structure, lines are positioned living area, dining, and raised bedroom.

The auxiliary spaces like wardrobe, bathrooms, sauna, fireplace, and kitchen are packed inside the service box displaced on the side behind the wall created by vertical planks. The guest bedroom is created above the terrace, opened as a gallery towards the main living space.

All internal shell (floors, walls, furniture) is made by deep-brushed local spruce.