101 White Master Bedroom Ideas (Photos)

Welcome to our white master bedroom photo gallery showcasing dozens of white bedroom ideas of all types including small, large, minimalist, traditional, rustic and more.
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White master bedroom with window nook

Get inspired about all different types of white master bedroom designs and ideas below.


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Here's a master bedroom with white walls, ceiling, bed and ottoman with light natural stained hardwood flooring and ceiling beams.

Here’s a master bedroom with white walls, ceiling, bed and ottoman with light natural stained hardwood flooring and ceiling beams.  See the rest of this home here.  Source: Redfin (with permission)

Luxury bedroom with design interior. Furnished with queen bed, sofa, chest, and tv.

Stunning luxury master bedroom with rich bedroom furniture and amazing angled glass wall overlooking picturesque view.

Designed by: chango&co.

Designed by: Baran Studio

Designed by: Axis Mundi

Designed by: Architecton

Designed by: Ganna Design

Designed by: Studio Arte

Designed by: Studio Arte

Designed by: egue & seta

A white master bedroom design idea will inevitably evoke clean and crisp when it comes to how your bedroom feels. This classic color scheme has been popular for thousands of years, going back to the early history of whitewashing one’s house, and even today it remains to be one of the most highly chosen colors for bedroom decoration.

Considering a total of 332,061 surveyed bedrooms, white color schemes statistically lands in second place, sitting over thirteen other color options at almost 20% of the rooms, second only to brown (see chart below). This popularity means that finding a unique and exciting white master bedroom design idea that suits your personal style is widely sought after, and many ideas and options are available for your inspiration.


White walls or a white floor effectively creates a calming and pure backdrop, and the perfect soothing setting for where you lay your head every night. With a little focus on the details and careful decision-making, you can create a tranquil room that is your haven, instead of a stark or sterile bedroom.

Tips for Adding Decor

White surfaces can be immediately upgraded to a sense of luxury and refinement by choosing textured surfaces which give a sense of depth instead of a bleak flatness. Texture can also be added as a secondary color, such as thick throw rugs or knitted cushions, depending on what you want to show in your room.

Don’t be afraid to use white furniture in a white room, just set it off with a large piece such as a fireplace or interesting table. In addition, this color is perfectly suited as a backdrop if you have a unique and major statement piece that pulls the attention of the room.

Mix it Up

Pairing a white bedroom design idea with another style can create a pleasing and tasteful effect, so feel free to choose your favorite genre, such as rustic or vintage, to add subtle effects around the room. Installing a bed of pine in a sea of white, or hanging a patchwork tapestry, injects individual flair over the crisp and clean white feel.

No matter how you feel about hospitals, it is natural to find cleanliness and bright openness appealing, and this is why many home designers will opt for white color palettes in the bedroom. Keep your room inviting and individual with a few extra touches, and fall asleep in clean luxury.

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