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What is a Window Pane Scarf?

Find out more about your favorite window pane scarf pattern. You don't need to spend a lot of time mastering this stitching. Just read on to find out how patterns for beginners can be made easy.

This is a woman wearing a knitted gray and white scarf on her neck.

Are you looking for a new skill to learn? You’re not the only one. Learning how to crochet a simple windowpane scarf can be great for your mental health. And it can be great fun.

You don’t have to spend hours memorizing complex patterns. All you need are just basic materials to make your stitching dreams a reality. Find out more about this easy scarf to make when you keep on reading. 

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What is a window pane scarf?

If you’re looking for a scarf that you can enjoy using in spring or fall, then this is the kind of scarf that you should opt for. The great thing is that it not only keeps your neck warm, but it ensures that you remain stylish under any chilly conditions. This crocheted scarf is designed in such a way that it doesn’t leave your neck area looking and feeling bulky.

The thing is, it gives you endless options with your yarn. You can choose to use your standard solid or vegeriated yarn. Or if you prefer to showcase your use of gradient yarns, then you can choose to go for the more robust yarns like your Knit Picks Chroma Fingering.

You don’t have to play It safe with a Windowpane scarf. You can play around with your pattern to make it narrower or wider. Moreover, you can make changes as you see fit even if you prefer to work with your heavier yarn.

However, just keep in mind that the more your pattern and yarn change, the more you need to make adjustments to your dimensions and requirements. If you love to crochet and create fun effects while you’re at it, making a windowpane scarf is the most interesting craft that you’ll get to create. 


You’d be surprised to find that you’re finished but the unblocked windowpane scarf is only 67″ in length and just 5 and ¼” wide. While your gauge should only have 24 stitches and 11 rows.

The Window Pane Scarf by Michele Lee Bernstein from Knit Picks.

Source: Knit Picks

The great thing about your windowpane scarf is that it will always stay popular. It’s not only ideal to show off your gradient pattern skills. But, it’s an exceptional clothing item that you can make if you live in an area with not-so-cool weather.

Sometimes, a shawl isn’t enough to keep you warm on some nights in the spring or fall. In addition, this simple, yet stylish pattern of your windowpane scarf makes it easy for you to combine it with any of your favorite outfits. If you’re looking to make a statement, you should consider using a solid color that you can pair with anything that you try on. 

Materials used

The types of materials that you use to create your beautiful windowpane scarf will depend on how interesting you want to make your pattern. But if you’re a beginner and prefer to keep things simple, you should only use these materials:

Your accessories

Blocking supplies

A pair of scissors

Your place markers

A tapestry needle

Your crochet hook. It should be size E or 3.5 mm in length

Your yarn

100 grams or just 1 ball

Fingering yarn weight

Consider 30% nylon and 70% wool for your fiber type

Choose your yarn brand carefully


If a windowpane scarf isn’t what you’re looking for, you’re not alone. This is why you should consider trying out these three easy and fun alternatives. 

Aspen Infinity Scarf

This is the Aspen Flannel Infinity Scarf by Hoot and Co.

Source: Hoot and Co.

If you enjoy a textured scarf, then this is the ideal one for you to crochet. Plus, you can wear it with anything just like your windowpane scarf. The crochet stitch is just simple enough for you to figure out.

You don’t need to spend hours trying to learn how to make it. In addition, your front posts are just double crochet. 

Basic Scarf

This is a woman wearing a white shirt, a pair of glasses and a beige basic scarf.

This is your ultimate beginner scarf. The basic garter stitching is a great way for you to feel less overwhelmed in comparison to more complex patterns. It should save you loads of time if you don’t enjoy reading up much on your patterns.

Once you get the hang of your chain stitch as well as your single crochet stitch your scarf should be good to wear when you’re done. It doesn’t get more basic than this scarf. 

The Boyfriend Scarf

If you’ve never heard of this one, just think of your boyfriend jeans. The details are impeccably distinguished. But the design remains subtle enough for you to fade into the background if you wish to.

If you choose this scarf as an alternative to your standard window pane scarf, you’re choosing a classic type of scarf. The added texture from your detailed ribbed stitch is what makes this your strong contender. This is why your yarn choice is very important. It sets it apart from the rest of your scarves. 


The Windowpane Scarf by GypsyBugCrafts from Etsy.

Source: Etsy

It’s easy to make

Minimal materials

The standard pattern for beginners

Used for cooler weather


Open weave that tangles with your jewelry 

You can’t machine wash it

It’s not warm enough in extremely cold weather 

The material is lightweight 

Where can it be used in the home?

You can use your windowpane scarf anywhere and everywhere. Let’s say you prefer to snuggle up at home when the weather is gloomy. You can use your scarf to give you an extra dose of warmth while you lounge around watching your favorite series.

Or if you prefer to be outdoors, you can use your scarf to keep your neck warm as you marvel at the beauty of your area. This scarf is versatile enough for you to decide how and where you want to use it. 

History of your windowpane scarf

The Windowpane scarf by CraftingFurMama from Etsy.

Source: Etsy

You’d be surprised to find that your scarf’s history dates back to Ancient Egypt. For instance, Queen Nefertiti is known to have worn one under her jeweled head headpieces. In fact, when you look at various images from ancient times in the Far East, you should also see different designs of your modern-day scarves.

When silk started emerging in different parts of the world, your scarf became more and more of an accessory. Since then, different techniques have been used to create various patterns. 

When was it invented?

The thing is nobody knows exactly when your windowpane scarf pattern was invented. Yet, your windowpane scarf has always been considered something that’s worn by women. Although the evolution of modern-day synthetic design has seen more and more unisex scarves in the market.

Historians have been debating on the origins of knitting patterns for years. However, many believe that this phenomenal craft had its roots in Ancient Africa, Egypt to be precise. 

How much is a windowpane scarf?

If you want to buy your first windowpane scarf, you’re not alone. In fact, you’ll be happy to know that it’s an affordable wardrobe to buy.

You shouldn’t spend more than $10 on one. The price range is usually between $4.99 to $9.99. 

Where to buy it?

The great news is that you can buy your windowpane scarf from various online store retailers. But if you prefer to shop the old school way, you should find one at your favorite local shop that stocks your winter hats and scarves. 

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