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What is a Floating Shelf?

Discover the definition, explanation and photo example of a floating shelf.

What is a floating shelf?

A floating shelf is a shelf or shelves that do not have any supports such as legs stemming from the ground. Instead, they are built or anchored into the wall which gives them a “floating” appearance.

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Here’s a photo example:

Example of a floating shelf

What are the benefits of floating shelves?

  • Appearance:  This is personal choice, but to many people the floating shelf is an attractive form of shelving.
  • Saves space:  Because it doesn’t take up floor-space or have a footprint, these shelves can provide additional storage that traditional shelving can’t.
  • Flexibility:  You can place these shelves seemingly anywhere. The can be placed above furniture, in the bathroom (where standing shelves are usually impossible), the garage – in a nutshell they are ideal when the space below is occupied.
  • Cost:  Because they are made up of far fewer materials than traditional shelving, they are relatively inexpensive.