What Are Bahama Shutters? Pros, Cons, Cost and More

Yellow Bahama shutters on building

Learn all you need to know about Bahama Shutters including what they are, what they look like, benefits and materials. This is your Bahama Shutter buying guide.

Be it a mansion or a home, shutters are a relatively inexpensive way to add style and charm. They come in two main types:

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor

The latter type has been historically used to protect homes and buildings from weather; and to provide residents privacy and enable them to adjust the amount of light they want in their rooms. Certain shutter types can be beneficial for those living in turbulent or in extreme climates. For example, Bahama shutters provides storm protection, while other shutters like louvered shutters are an excellent way to block large windows from the unexpected temperature shifts.

Exterior shutters, especially distinctive or carefully made wood pieces can also add panache to many appealing architectural styles. For example, Bahama shutters give the historical touch of British colonialism to architecture, while bright colored board-and-batten shutters lend a dash of the Old American West to the houses, building, and other structures. Homeowners today prefer having a wide variety of shutter materials to choose from which includes material like wood, vinyl, fiberglass, etc.

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What are Bahama Shutters?

Close-up photo of aluminum bahama shutters.The design and functionality of outdoor shutters vary from model to model. Bahama shutters (also known as Bermuda shutters) include top hinges, so they can stand in stark contrast to other side-hinged styles. The top-hinged design enables you to push the Bermuda shutters out and away from the house. Mostly, other shutter styles have side hinges, which enables you to open them from the center seam and push them away from the house, more flexibility and more ease.

Bahama Shutter Materials

  • Aluminum: The more common material today is aluminum, which strong and light.  Also costs less than wood and vinyl.
  • Wood:  While effective and can look good, wood also requires more maintenance.
  • Composite:  More durable than wood.  Many styles to choose from.

A Few Common Types Of Side-Hinged Shutters Include:

  • Board and batten shutters, which consist of largely shaped slabs of shutter material. The rough-hon designs are created to reflect the shutter styles specifically found on American frontier homes.
  • Louvered shutters consist wooden slats and are surrounded by a carefully crafted wooden frame. Nowadays, louvered shutters are very often made of vinyl or fiberglass. They are good choices for blocking off large panel windows or a series of multiple windows and they can be customized as well to complement multiple building styles.
  • Panel shutters, which consist of the European style of shutter, can be customized to fit period architecture or décor. They are usually square with one or more recessed rectangular panels fixed inside the shutter frames. Panel shutters also often come in fiberglass, vinyl, and other models.

When people think of outdoor shutters, they often imagine one or more of these side-hinged styles.

The less-common Bahama shutter, however, has some distinct advantages for you. This style is an excellent option when it comes to high-quality performing window with a great covering option.

Advantages Of Bahama Shutters

1. Bahama shutters are specially designed to act as storm shutters and protect against various atmospherically changes.

Because the hinges of these shutters run along the top of the window rather than down both sides, the shutters can be swung out quickly, and can be rapidly closed in preparation for the inclement weather. The quick-close and storm-protective nature of the Bermuda shutter makes it a great option for those who reside in storm belts.

The New Orleans, L.A. and Biloxi, MI regions of the United States were devastated by Katrina the hurricane in 2005.

Currently, rebuilding is rapid and ongoing. More importantly, architects and contractors have learned from past mistakes and the unexpected changes in the climate and are creating homes designed to withstand unexpected whether changes which includes hurricane winds, rain, and flooding. Bahama shutters act as a highly functional and a robust window covering option in Southeastern American hurricane belt. When coupled with intuitive architecture, such as housing foundations that are raised off the ground to allow for flooding, Bermuda shutters can be a useful asset during the storm season.

2. Bahama shutters also help in natural climate control.

The top-set hinges are designed in such a way that you can easily choose the angle at which you wish to keep the shutters open. This enables you to control the amount of air you want in your room to be entered, and also allows you to set the shutters at angles that facilitate natural cooling by keeping the air circulation. Bahama shutter is a great pick for those living in warm climate as the natural cooling properties of Bermuda shutter allows you to conserve energy while saving money on utility bills.

3. The Bermuda shutter style benefits different climate.

In fact, people living under the hot or slightly hot temperature can enjoy the pros of Bahama shutters over different seasons. Several major American cities, which includes Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York experience rainy, spring weather and hot, humid summer weather. People who reside in these cities can reap the benefits of quick-close shutters during periods of rainy weather, and can enjoy the natural cooling aid of the shutter design during summer heat and humidity. Furthermore, Bermuda shutter in all climates provides privacy protection and also contain noise dampening properties. This makes Bahama shutters an abundant choice for those who look more for quietness and peacefulness.

4. Like other shutter styles, Bahama shutters too are customizable.

Reputable shutter companies have design staff members on hand to render the shutter style or shape according to each consumer’s desire and requirements. Skilled shutter designers very frequently re-create different shutter styles from customer sketches or other provided and available sources. Alike most other shutter styles, Bahama shutters too can be constructed of aluminum, fiberglass, or wood. Though many wood styles and designs are elegant and chic, those made from Spanish cedar or mahogany are typically robust, durable, and last longer.

How Do I Know If I Need Bahama Shutters?

As a rule of the thumb, you’re not going to need Bermuda shutter unless you live in an area that’s susceptible to long periods of intense sun or experience hurricanes quite often. Bahama shutters, however, are extremely popular in the southern part of the United States, but they are also used in the Caribbean and other climates, hence the name Bahama shutters.

It is one of the most inexpensive ways to outfit your entire house. However, if you live in an area that frequently gets hurricanes, it will be well worth it. As we all know, it’s extremely expensive to replace broken windows and especially when you witness natural climate changes very often that leaves your glass windows damaged. If your windows break during a hurricane, your carpet or furniture could also be destroyed along with the rest of your dear things.

People who do not reside in a climate that’s at risk for hurricanes or intense sun, they still go for Bahama shutter due to its amazing privacy option, inexpensiveness, and other functionalities. Bermuda shutters are very effective if you live in a place that gets a lot of tornadoes. Bahama shutters come with durability that protects your home against tornadoes and also protects your family from flying shards of broken glass in a tornado just like they will in a hurricane.

People who desire privacy, seek quietness in both residential and commercial areas, protection against the storm, and climate control can be benefited greatly just by opting the durable Bahama shutters.


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