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Walt Disney’s House in Palm Springs, CA (Listed for $899,000)

This is a look at the back of the house from the vantage of the poolside area. You can see here the glass walls of the house that glow warmly from the interior lights. Image courtesy of

If a person has spent any time watching and learning about American movie entertainment, Disney is going to come up. The empire we know today as a combination of amusement parks around the world, movies that provide the most classic cartoon-making, and now the Star Wars empire are all part of this company and corporation.

However, the actual start of the organization was by a man it is named after, Walt Disney. Rising to fame on the success of his company’s movies, Disney put that achievement into a number of assets, including his vacation home in Palm Springs. Today, that property is now listed for sale at a modest $899,000.

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A Classic Desert One-Story Home

The total property structure is a medium-size home, adding up to 2,443 square feet and made up of four distinct bedrooms and the same number of bathrooms. The design and interior decoration are evidently seated in the 1950s architecturally, and double entry doors are a key feature. Geographically, the home sits with a prime view of the local mountain range near the city as well as the nearby golf resort. The backyard is also accented with a personal pool and an elevated spa attached.

Internally, the kitchen is a smaller unit designed for a family of four at best and sharing the overall space with the family room and reclining couch set. The floor is finished with an epoxy shiny white surface, mirrored walls, and a wide double-door patio exit to the pool area. The actual kitchen area is separated by a custom wall/serving counter to block a direct view of the preparation area, and the furniture clearly evokes a 1960s modernist theme.

The children’s bedroom is a standard Disney themed color scheme with a baby blue carpet and white walls decorated in typical late 1950s patterns and very rectangular furniture designs. The headboard assembly doubles as a dresser and back table as well for accessories and kids’ belongings behind the pillow area.

Going back to the outside, an immediate benefit includes the covered patio room, protecting the owner and visitors from the harsh desert sun in the midday. Solidly built, the patio roof extension stretches out far enough to incorporate a ping pong table and patio dining area with furniture.

The Home’s History is Still Recent

The home was built only three years before Walt Disney himself passed away, keeping them close enough to Los Angeles and company headquarters for anything immediate but distant enough that it was clearly separated from the city and work pressures. The Palm Springs property stayed in the Disney family for decades until 2015, and the second owners liked it so much they kept much of the original design and features versus changing anything.

The location itself is ideal for those who want the arid, Mediterranean feel of Southern California but don’t want to have anything to do with the urban congestion that now makes up the Los Angeles value complex. Instead, deep into San Bernardino County and a couple of hours east on Highway 10, Palm Springs sits isolated and like a desert mirage under the watchful gaze of Mount San Jacinto and the related range to the Southwest.