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Valley Farmhouse Project Photos: Luxury Aquariums Added During Lockdown

This is a full view of the dining room that showcases a farmhouse-style theme to its dining set and pendant lights complemented by the large aquarium on the far wall. Image courtesy of Infinity Aquarium Design.

Hardscape /härd•scâpe/.noun.

  1. a man-made underwater display that utilizes non-living elements of the natural environment while providing definition and a sense of organization to the ecosystem.

The incredible influence of modern day interior design trends has resulted in a refreshing wave of innovative, yet traditional custom homes throughout the Los Angeles area. What was once popular in only sequestered, rural areas of the heartland of America has found its way to the waterfront properties of Orange County, the hills of Hollywood, and the quaint neighborhoods of the LA Valleys.

Quintessential markers like matte-black hardware, wide-plank oak flooring, and a perfect mix of organic materials and textiles, make the modern farmhouse an inviting space for any family. When designing the custom aquarium for the dining area, it was critical that we incorporated the same attitude in our aqua scape in order to create an element that was totally cohesive with the aesthetic, effort, and detail put forth in creating this beautiful Valley Farmhouse.

DESIGNED BY: Nic Tiemens at Infinity Aquarium Design