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Can You Use a Round Rug in a Living Room?

A round rug in a wooden floor and indoor plants.

If you love to decorate or if you are in the process of remodeling your living room, you may be thinking of investing in a new rug. When shopping for a living room rug, you might eventually wonder if choosing a round rug is right for your space, or if you need a different shaped rug. Using a round rug in a living room is perfectly acceptable, especially with a bit of vision and planning ahead of time.

Types of Living Room Rugs

There are many different types of living room rugs that you may want to consider whenever you are redecorating or remodeling your living space. Some of the most popular shapes of living room rugs include square, rectangular, and yes, even round and circular rugs. You can also find oblong rugs and rugs with unique shapes to fit just about any type of space or shape of living room you are in.

When Should I Use a Round Rug in My Living Room?

Living room with yellow round rugs.

Using a round rug in your living room is possible at any time, regardless of the size of your living room as well as the color scheme or type of decor you prefer. It is possible to use a round rug in your living room whenever you see fit, especially if you are looking to add more curves into your decorating style, rather than jagged edges or angular edges that come with standard rectangular and square rugs. 

There are a few instances that may lead you to turn to a round rug in your living room that may not always be as obvious when you first begin planning to decorate the space. 

Adding Curved Architecture

While the 2000s introduced us to plenty of minimalism and angular designs, curvy designs and curved furniture along with curved accessories and decor such as rugs are quickly making their comeback and revival. Curved architecture, including curvy round rugs, can help to add a cozy element to any living space, big or small. 

Expanding Small Spaces

A round rug and a beige sofa.

Another reason to consider using a round rug in a living room is if you are working in a smaller and more quaint space. Using a round rug is a great way to make your living space appear larger than it actually is, which can allow you to make the most out of your design and layout.

Simply using a curvy rug as the centerpiece in a smaller room can provide a curved arc for those who enter the room, making it easier to scan other areas of the space in less time. 

Working in a Limited Space

Not all living rooms are created or shaped equally, which is why a round rug may be just right for your living room , depending on its size and shape. If your living space also includes a large staircase, an entryway, or is even in the shape of a circle, a round rug may be your best bet. In some instances, a rectangular or square rug is just not a viable option. 

Creating a Designated Space

A blue sofa and a round rug in a living room.

If you are working on a living room space in a home with an open floor concept, you can use a circular round rug for your living room space to create a designated area. Whenever you have an open floor concept, separating spaces can be challenging.

Using a round rug in your living room area is a great way to separate the space from other areas that are more open and without any floor coverings or decor. 

Creating a Focal Point

Do you have a centerpiece in your living room that is circular but not attracting enough attention? If so, you can use a round rug in your living room area to help create a focal point that is centered around your preferred centerpiece of your preferred piece of decor.

Using a round rug in your living room space can help to attract attention to a round chandelier, a large round vase, or even a round statue that you have on display using your living room coffee rug, placed just above your living room rug. 

Tips for Using a Round Rug in Your Living Room

A round rugs and a flower vase in a room.

If you want to use a round rug in your living room, do so while also keeping the following tips in mind for the best possible outcome:

  • Connect furniture: When placing a round rug in your living room, attempt to have the furniture surrounding the rug touch at least one part of the rug, even if it is the edge of the rug itself. Using furniture and pieces of decor around the round rug can help to create a cozy and connected atmosphere anywhere in the home. 
  • Choose the right size: Choose a rug size that is appropriate for the space you envision and intend to create. If you want to create a designated space for a few chairs and a bookshelf, you can get away with a smaller round rug. However, you may need a much larger round rug if it is your center focal point of the space in your entire living room.
  • Color: Consider the color that is best for the round rug in your living room based on the current color scheme of your living room as well as the goal you have for the rug you are using. If you want your rug to blend into the background, stick to neutral colors that allow for the mixing and matching of accent colors in the future. If you want your rug to be the center focal point of your living room, consider the colors of the additional pieces of furniture you intend to use with your new round rug. 

Once you make the decision to use a round rug in your own living room, you can begin searching for a rug based on the color scheme, patterns, and even materials you prefer. It is also important to keep in mind that a rug with vibrant colors and mixed patterns may draw more attention than a solid colored rug or a rug using neutral colors such as brown, beige, white, cream, gray, or black. 

Using a round rug in any living room is a suitable idea whether you enjoy curved architecture and coziness or if you are looking for a way to close an open floorplan on your own terms. When you are familiar with how to place round rugs in a living room space, you can create the living room of your dreams without a hassle.