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24 Different Types of Vases

A collage of different types of vases.

Vases are decorative containers that remain popular as part of home decor. The earliest vases were made of silver and were used to contain water, wine or oil. Glass vases became common in China and ancient Rome during the 1st century B.C.

The oldest glass vase, the Portland Vase, is made in Rome and dates back 5-25 A.D. China introduced porcelain during the 7th-9th B.C. while tin-glazed earthenware was developed during the 14th-17th centuries in Italy, France and the Netherlands.

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Ceramic Vases - Nordic Minimalism Style Decoration, Elegant Vase for Mantel, Table, Living Room Decoration, White Modern Geometric Decorative Flowers Vases for Home Decor

Most vases used in the average home are the perfect size to set a bouquet, or a few flowers on the table. While these will vary somewhat in size, they are small enough to sit on the table without taking up a lot of room, or making it so difficult that people are unable to see each other over the flowers.

They come in all different styles and can be made from different materials. Since they are generally smaller than floor vases, they are not nearly as sturdy and you will not want to use them on the floor, as they can be knocked over easily. This can cause the vase to break and all of the flowers and water to spill out.


LuxenHome Tall Floor Vase, Rustic Metal Floor Vases Decorative Tall, Set of 2 Distressed Off White and Brown Vases for Decor, Farmhouse Vase for Home Decor, Tall Vases for Decor Living Room Floor

Floor vases are much larger than table vases and have a wider and heavier bottom, which will prevent them from being knocked over easily. If you have a large home or a very open room and are looking to make a statement, then buying a floor vase and filling it with gorgeous flowers is the best way to do that.

These vases also come in a myriad of styles. Since the vase is so big and such a prominent part of the décor, you will want to be very careful when choosing the one you want in your home, as it can look very out of place if it does not match with the style or décor of the rest of the home.

Look for a floor vase that has a large enough opening to accommodate either very large stems or a large number of flowers, as you will need it to be very full to look its best, and to balance out the weight of the vase itself.

This type of vase is hard to knock over as long as they are filled with water, as this weighs them down and prevents the heavy weight of the flowers from tipping them over, as well.


Wall vase

Source: Wayfair

Wall vases are a great way to enjoy fresh flowers in your home, especially if you do not have the floor or table space to use a more traditional vase.

They generally hang on the wall and can be taken down easily, to be washed or refilled, so you do not have to worry about spilling water down the wall while filling them up. They are very popular in modern homes, as they add a lot of visual interest to the walls.

Look for ones that are made of glass, as being able to see through the vase will allow the flowers to be the main focal point, and will keep the vase from looking too heavy or out of place.



Glass vase

Source: Wayfair

Glass vases are very popular, and for a very good reason. They allow light to travel through both the vase and the water, and keeps the vase from looking too heavy or out of place in a lighter and more contemporary home.

While you can buy glass vases easily from a variety of colors, many people prefer clear because it is so light and open in appearance. You do have to be a little more careful with glass vases because they are a lot more delicate than vases made from other materials.

This means that if you were to knock over the vase or accidentally tap it, then you might be in danger of breaking it. While the thinner the glass is, then the finer and more delicate the appearance, it’s also true that thinner glass will break much more easily than thicker vases.


RCR Crystal "LAURUS" Vase 11" - Made in Italy

Crystal vases have the same beauty and clarity of glass vases, but are often preferred when a person wants the vase and flowers to look even nicer.

Cut crystal is very fancy, and a vase from this material will instantly elevate, not only the appearance of the flowers you have on display, but also the whole area in which they are displayed, as well.

While crystal can be broken easily if the vase tips over, it is generally heavier than glass, and this means that it is less likely to tip over. Colored crystal vases are available, but for clarity and brightness that will allow your flowers to be the star, you might consider choosing clear.


Ka Home Galvanized Tall Metal Vase - Rustic Flower Vase Features Bucket Style Design and Handles - Tin Metal Floral Vase for Farmhouse, Rustic, Vintage Home Decor - 15 inches Tall, Silver

Metal vases are as gorgeous as they are functional, and are a great way to add visual interest to your space. In addition, because they are not clear the way that glass and crystal are, they actually hide the stems of the flowers.

This creates a very clean look that will keep people from being distracted by the mess of stems, which is so typical in a bouquet. Metal vases come in a number of finishes, so you can easily find one that will fit with the rest of the décor in the room.

They tend to be a little more expensive than regular glass vases, but they are in investment that will look great for years to come.


Resin vase

Source: Wayfair

This synthetic polymer is incredibly strong and waterproof, making it an obvious choice for vases.

You won’t ever have to worry about leaking when you opt for a resin vase, and since this material is so strong it is very difficult to crack or break it, making it ideal if you tend to knock things over and are worried about the safety of your flowers and vase.

While resin vases are available in all different colors, they are more often found in white, brown, red, and gold.


Warm Toast Designs - Wood Vase 2 Vase Set Farmhouse Vases for Decor - Boho Vase - Vases for Living Room Decorations - Wooden Vase Set Makes Stunning Decorative Vases for Home Decor

If you want to enjoy the natural look of wood in your vase, then you can find a number of gorgeous options to fulfill your needs. From wood that has been lacquered to turned vases that showcase the beauty of the grain of the wood, there are many different types of wood vases available.

If you are going to be using the face to display flowers, then you will need to make sure that it’s watertight and that it doesn’t leak. Some companies make wood vases that can hold water by finishing the inside of the vase with a shellac, so that it doesn’t leak.

Other companies have wood vases that come complete with a smaller test tube, or glass insert that slides inside of the vase. These inserts are not easily visible when there are flowers in the vase, but they create the illusion of the vase holding the water, without it actually damaging the wood or leaking out.

You will want to consider this if you have your heart set on a wood vase, but want to make sure that you do not cause water damage to the table in which it sits.


Stone vase

Source: Wayfair

Stone vases are a lot heavier than other types of vases, so they do a great job at staying in place even when they are outside in a windy environment or when you accidentally knock over the table. You can buy stones vases in a variety of styles, which makes it fun and easy to find one that will meet your needs.

While many people think of stone vases as being bulky and heavy, newer ones tend to be a lot lighter in appearance and can often be tall and skinny, instead of just short and squat.

You will want to make sure that the stone used is not porous, so that there isn’t any problem with the water running out of the vase, as some types of stone vases may leak. Stone vases look great on the table or on the floor, however, they aren’t generally used on the wall because of their increased weight.


Outdoor Use

Vase for outdoor use

Source: Wayfair

Vases that are heavy enough on the bottom are great for both indoor and outdoor use. While you can technically use any vase that you want outside, you may run into problems if it is windy and the vase topples over.

This is a major concern when you have the vase full of top-heavy flowers, as it can easily fall over even in a light breeze.

Shopping for an outdoor vase is easy as long as you think about the bottom line and make sure that it is not only heavy enough to hold the vase in place, but also wide enough to offer a lot of support to the vase.

Very slender vases aren’t ideal for use outside as they tend to fall over more easily, so look for one that is a little more squat and sturdy to ensure that you avoid any accidents.


Distressed vase

Source: Wayfair

This is perfect in a home that has embraced the shabby chic aesthetic, and distressed vases look great indoors and out. While people who have a Victorian décor in their home will not necessary choose distressed vases for their flowers, they are ideal in a more comfortable and less fashionable environment.

Look for distressed vases that have colors you really like, and that you have in your home so they look as if they fit in with the decor.


LotCow 4 Pcs Portable Eco-Friendly Flower Vase Foldable PVC Plastic Vase for Wedding Office Home Decoration (Random Style)

You can do your part to take care of the environment while still getting a new vase for your home, when you opt for one made out of recycled materials. Recycled glass looks just as great as regular glass and allows you to rest easy that you are keeping trash out of the landfill.

Some people love buying recycled glass vases because they tend to have different shapes or bubbles in them, showing that they are made from recycled materials, while others don’t look as if they are any different from something you could buy in a normal store.


Handblown Glass Vase, Modern Art Flower Vase with Pink Petal Decorative for Home Decor, 8.7 inch/22cm Tall for Living Room Dining Tabletop Centerpiece Statement Office Decoration

For a personal touch on your new vase, look for one that has been handblown. While these are generally not as perfect in shape as ones that are made by machines, these small anomalies add a lot of interest to the vase itself.

Sometimes you will have to pay a little bit more for a handblown vase, depending on if the glassblower is well-known, but for many people, this extra price is worth it to have an original piece of art.


Vase set

Source: Wayfair

Instead of trying to find vases that look good together in your home, you can buy ones that are part of a set, and you can rest easy knowing that your home will look put together. Some sets consist of vases that are the exact same, which looks great in a traditional home where there is a lot of symmetry and design.

Other sets have vases that clearly match, either because the colors are from the same color family, they have the same shape, or are the same size, but may all be a little different from one another.

Opting for sets that clearly go together, without the vases being exactly the same, will let you achieve a look of continuity in the design and décor of your home, without it appearing too strict and put-together.

Consider which elements you want to have match – the color, design, shape, or size – and you’ll be able to find a set of vases that will work with the décor in your home.


Lillian Rose Crackle Glass Memorial Flower Vase with Sympathy Verse, 9.75", Multi

When you want to give someone a unique and special gift that will be different from anything they have at home, then it’s a good idea to look for a vase that can be personalized. This is a great way to mark a special event, such as an anniversary, wedding, or birthday, is a great way to remember a deceased loved one.

The recipient of your gift will think of you each time they use their vase, and will love that you put the time and effort into getting them a gift that is a bit different from what could easily be bought in a store.



Face Vase, Head Vase, Face Planter, Bust Statue, Body Vase, Vases for Decor, Pot Head Gifts for Women,Home Decoration Table Center Piece (The Original Thinker Vase)

Novelty vases are available in most any shape or size, which makes it fun for people to find ones that fit with their collection or something they really like.

These vases tend to be very creative, which are part of the fun in finding the perfect vase, either for yourself or for a recipient, in choosing the shape, color, or design that works best for you. Look for a novelty vase in the shape of your favorite animal or food, as these make a great start to a conversation in any situation.


Glass Cylinder Vases Set of 3 Decorative Centerpieces for Home or Wedding by Royal Imports

This type of vase generally has very straight sides and little to no narrowing at the top of the vase.

Since there generally isn’t any narrowing to the vase, you will need to make sure that you choose a cylinder vase that is small enough to support the blooms that you want to display, as larger vases will only look full and put together with larger bunches of flowers, or flowers with oversized blooms.

They are great at showing off flowers that have unusual shapes and that tilt and move, as this will contrast attractively with the straight sides of the vase itself.


ZEAYEA 2 Pack Metal Flower Trumpet Vase, 19" H Wedding Centerpieces Gold Vase, Metal Flower Arrangement Stand for Anniversary Ceremony Party Birthday Event Aisle Home Table Decoration

Trumpet vases are smaller at the bottom and have a natural and attractive flare at the top, which makes them great for displaying light and airy flowers that will follow the natural design and shape of the vase.

While you can easily use this type of vase to hold any flower that you want, because when you use flowers that have movement to them, they will actually mimic the shape of the vase and the overall effect is very attractive.

Allowing flowers to fall out and down towards the side of the vase makes the trumpet flare seem even larger, and ensures that this vase is one of the most attractive options available.


YONKAN Amber Glass Bud Vases, Set of 6 Glass Vases, Small Flower Vases, Decorative Glass Bottles, Vintage Look Apothecary Jars for Wedding Dining Table Home Decor (Wide Amber)

Bud vases are smaller than your average vase and are great for showcasing a single bud, or a few very tiny flowers. Because they are so small, they don’t do well when trying to show off very large flowers, as they can tip over quite easily.

In addition, the hole at the top of the vase is generally quite small, and only the most delicate of stems will be able to fit into the vase. Look for bud vases that come in sets, otherwise the look can be a little underwhelming, however, when you use more than one bud vase at a time, you can easily create a very striking look.

While bud vases are available in many colors and designs, choosing a neutral color will allow flowers to really shine and keep the attention on the buds, instead of detracting from it.


Square vase

Source: Wayfair

For a modern look, as well as the function of a great vase, look for a vase that is square or rectangular in shape. Square vases are shaped almost like a cube, low and short to the ground or table, with an opening on top and in the middle.

While they look squat, when a full bouquet is displayed in square vases, they immediately become more attractive and the sharp edges of the vase create a very interesting contrast to the motion and delicate lines of the flowers.

In the same way, rectangular vases add a lot of visual interest to the blooms you are displaying. They are taller than square vases and often have larger openings that are great for displaying full bouquets or ones with very heavy blooms.

Look for one with pronounced edges, as softer lines will cause the vase to lose a lot of the visual interest and make it look like any other vase you might have in your home.


Chive - Set of 6 JoJo Small 3" Sphere, Round Ceramic Flower Vase, Decorative Modern Floral Vase for Home Decor Living Room Centerpieces and Events, Cute Bud Vase (Silver)

You can create a very interesting and soft globe of flowers when you choose a sphere vase to hold your bouquet. They are generally smaller, as taller sphere vases would have to be quite large to maintain their interesting and attractive shape.

To display just one or two blooms, look for a spherical vase that has a very small opening. On the other hand, a larger opening will make it very easy to display flowers while still giving them the support they need to keep them from flopping over.

This is because the large interior of the sphere lets the stems spread out and brace themselves to hold up the weight of the blooms.


Amphora vase

Source: Wayfair

These vases are very characteristic in their shape, and generally, are all around the same size. They are shaped like a trumpet, but instead of being the same as trumpet vases, amphora vases have handles on either side of the flare that connect to the body of the vase.

While most people do not currently use them to hold goods for storage, they are very interesting in design and appearance, and look great for displaying flowers and dried plants.


Pail vase

Source: Wayfair

Pail vases have openings that are a little bit wider than the body of the vase, which gives flowers and their stems more freedom than other, more confining vase types.

They look their best when the flowers on display are able to take up all of the space, so there aren’t any empty areas in the opening of the vase. Look for hydrangeas or large hibiscus as great options to display in pail vases, as the blooms are large enough to fill in all of the gaps.

Low Pan

Low pan vase

Source: Wayfair

When you want to display a bloom or two without a lot of height, then a low pan vase is the right choice for you. They usually use a flower frog at the bottom of the vase to help hold the flowers in place.

The flowers can be allowed to float freely if you are interested in a more relaxed arrangement. Make sure that the vase you choose has an opening that is wide enough to allow the bloom to rest in the water, so that it doesn’t look confined, otherwise, the vase will look much too small for the flower.

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