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32 Different Dining Table Accessories – Ultimate List

A collage of dining table accessories.

Whether we want to admit it or not, most people do not eat at the main dining table, but rather at a breakfast table, counter, or an island. After all, we want the dining table moments to be special and the decor and accessories to look picture perfect. 

You can’t personalize your kitchen without the right dining table accessories. Tableware, including dishes, silverware, and glassware, is an opportunity to exercise your individuality and taste while rounding out the room’s furnishings. 

Dining room table accents can be found in a wide variety of hues, materials, and forms, spanning both traditional and contemporary aesthetics and aimed at satisfying a wide variety of furnishing needs.

Let’s take an in-depth look at all the essential and non-essential accessories we use at our dining table and why they’re used. 

Dining Table Accessories – The Ultimate List

1. Table Linen

Mokani Middle Embroidery Table Cloth Washable Cotton Linen Tassel Tablecloth, Square Wrinkle Free Anti-Fading Table Cover for Kitchen Dinning Thanksgiving Christmas (55 x 55 Inch, Brown)

Table runners, table covers, and table mats are all examples of table linens. We understand that many people have aversions to covering their furniture, so if you’d like not to hide the table’s gorgeous finish, feel free to forego the cover. The focus here is on table cloths/ coverings specifically. 

They are still popular and come in a myriad of shades and various materials. They are always attractive for formal events, but having them on the dining table at home lends a classy feel, depending on the type we choose. 

Even if you aren’t keen on table coverings, you should still put down a few table mats in each setting to protect your dining table from the heat of the dishes and accidental food spills.

2. Table Runner  

HeMiaor Rhinestones Strip Table Runner with Tassels for Dinner Table Decoration(Grey, 13x72 Inches)

A table runner is one of the most adaptable pieces of tableware. A table runner is a slender layer of fabric, typically cloth, that is used to clarify, split or adorn a space. The width of a table runner is a frequently asked question. Common widths for table runners are 16 and 18 inches.

The traditional placement of a table runner is along the middle of the table’s length. It can serve as a foundation for a vibrant centerpiece, prevent candle wax from staining the table, and demarcate individual dining spaces.

Questions concerning table runners and their many potential applications in the home and beyond are addressed below. You can use a table runner that is significantly shorter than the length of the table as a foundation for a more elaborate centerpiece.

Pick out a vivid hue from your arrangement or tablecloth and work off of that. To avoid distracting from the overall design of the centerpiece, choose a fabric that is light in weight for this runner.

3. Coasters

GIMORRTO Glass Mirrored Coaster, Crushed Diamond Cup Mat Decor on Tabletop for Restaurant Kitchen bar Dining Table (4" roundx4pc)

Without coasters, each of us has damaged our tables at some point. Those who aren’t already should immediately begin doing so. The use of coasters, which are little pads put under beverages, helps keep surfaces free from stains caused by accidental spills.

Coasters come in a wide range of styles, colors, and materials, including wood, marble, resin, and many more. You can find a cost-effective and visually pleasing coaster to enhance your table setting.

For the convenience of your guests, it is suggested that you purchase a large number of coasters and place a set on each table (both coffee and dining) at all times.

If you want your coasters to serve their intended purpose of protecting your furniture, go for ones that are padded with rubber or have a flat surface.

4. Condiment Servers

Condiment Holder, Condiment Tray, 4 Condiment Jar and 4 Small Spoons for Condiments. A Quality Condiment Server, Topping Dispenser, Seasoning Box for Table. Asian Dinnerware Style Condiment Set

These are small canisters placed at each place setting to hold seasonings like salt and pepper. These seasonings allow diners to add the correct balance of taste to their food.

According to proper table manners, the salt shaker must be placed to the right of the pepper mill, and both should be placed in the middle of the table so that guests can help themselves.

Having a dining room table set up efficiently can greatly improve the quality of your meal. Your dining room table will benefit greatly from the installation of a Lazy Susan turntable, as it will allow guests to help themselves to everything they need without having to flag down a server.

5. Centerpiece

Creative Scents Dublin Home Decor Tray and Orbs Set - Coffee Table Decor Centerpiece Table Decorations Bowl with Spheres - Decorative Accents Balls for Living Room Decor or Dining Table Decor Brown

Dining tables that seat anywhere from four to twelve people are often rather large and awkward-looking when they are empty. When the table is not set for a special occasion, the centerpiece might add a decorative touch. The dining room table can be decorated with candlesticks, vases, lamps, and sculptures.

6. Plates 

GAC Elegant Designed Square Tempered Glass Dessert Plates Set of 4 – Break and Chip Resistant - Oven Proof - Microwave Safe - Dishwasher Safe 6 Inch

These are an essential component of every tablescape. Plates are the only lunchtime companions we need, from the serving plate to the bread plate to the dessert plate.

The lunch experience for our visitors, for whom we have not only sought out innovative dishes but also sought to mix them with rare crockery, relies on a precise as well as unique mise en place, the result of careful consideration and deliberation.

A touch that brings to mind a certain romanticism and elevates the worth of kindness in shared moments, when every aspect must be attended to and enhanced by certain accents of exclusivity.

Knowing the current fashions and the businesses that have always been involved in providing a wide variety of designs and plates to fit any fashion and genre is essential.

7. Charger

Spsyrine Gold Charger Plates, 13 Inch Metallic Scalloped Chargers for Dinner Plate Set of 6, Decorative Plastic Plate Chargers for Party, Wedding, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Thanksgiving Ect.

Whoever came up with this idea, kudos to them. Chargers have changed the way that dining tables are presented. They now come in many different colors and designs and are made to hold plates and bowls. Now you see them at most formal events and they are commonplace in the homes too. 

Informally known as a “service plate,” the term “charger” has become widely used in the United States. The charger, or serving plate, is placed at the start of the meal and remains there for several courses. When the main dish is presented, the charger is removed and the dinner plate is set in its place.

Serve dessert only on plates, never on the charger. Depending on the table setting and the meal, chargers can serve several purposes. The purpose of a charger is to shield the table from the heat and moisture of plates, but they can also serve as a decorative accent.

Chargers are not suitable for holding the food; only plates should be used. See if the measurements add up to the correct size. The diameter of most chargers is between 6 and 16 inches.

At the dinner table, I usually ensure the charger is appropriate for the environment. Having a four-course holiday dinner on a white tablecloth calls for special material, and porcelain is my top pick.

8. Cutlery (knives, forks & spoons)

Flatware Set, E-far 20-Piece Silverware Set Stainless Steel Cutlery Set for Kitchen Hotel Restaurant, Mirror Polished & Dishwasher Safe - Service for 4

Cutlery sets, along with plates, are a vital part of every dining experience since they allow you to savor the flavors of each dish. A knife, fork, and spoon make up the bare minimum of the set, although other utensils designed for certain foods can be added as needed. The most popular type of cutlery is made of stainless steel. 

This material has many desirable qualities, including being rust-proof, anti-microbial, and easy to clean. Cutlery with a glossy handle, made of wood or ceramic, is only one of many attractive options available on the market today.

Cutlery pieces in plastics or other materials that are both designed for intensive use plus to be in contact with food are also available for the most casual lunches, such as those you have outside.

9. Napkin Holders

Housolution Napkin Holder, Tree & Bird Design Metal Freestanding Tissue Dispenser Organizer Iron Tabletop Paper Napkin Holder Stand for Home Kitchen Restaurant Picnic Party, Silver

Napkin holders are a must-have for every well-organized dining room. They aid in the organization of paper napkins and can double as a decorative accent. Most napkin holders can be categorized into two broad categories: those made of wood or metal, and those made of plastic or paper. 

Today’s consumers can get tables in a wide variety of sizes and materials, including plastic and synthetic varieties with unique and ostentatious designs. Given its frequent use, the item in question must be practical, sturdy, and simple to maintain.

10. Drinking Glasses

AmazonCommercial Drinking Glasses, Highball - Set of 8, Clear, 11.5 oz

Among the most universal items in daily life are drinking glasses. Because of its essential role in the daily ritual of drinking, this commonplace item has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis over time. 

There is a large variety of glasses available today, each with its own set of qualities that are chosen depending on the beverage being served.

Because glasses are witnesses to get-togethers, weddings, and other special occasions, it’s important to have a variety of options for them, including ones that are convenient to carry, stylish, and appropriate for the occasion.

11. Cups

AmazonCommercial 12-Piece Porcelain, 12 Oz. Coffee Mug Set, White

Who does not enjoy snuggling up on a couch with a warm blanket, a book, and a cup of tea while the temperature drops outside?

Cups, whether they be the centerpieces of our grandmother’s pottery sets or the colorful accents in the homes of newlyweds, are a ubiquitous and indispensable part of daily life. The most common type of mug is the English mug, which is a large glass with a rounded bottom and a handle. 

Hot, steaming beverages have long been served from cups to brighten up important times. We cuddle up with a cappuccino in the morning to be energized before tackling the day’s hundreds of responsibilities, and we unwind with a cup of tea in the afternoon when we need a study break.

In today’s modern era, cups are manufactured from a wide variety of materials outside just porcelain. There are many more possibilities, from the more common to the environmentally preferable, for cups besides ceramic.

As a perfect balance between functionality and respect for nature, biodegradable cups are often available; vintage fans will view metal cups as ideal reminders of a time gone by; 

2-Pack 12 Oz Double Walled Glass Coffee Mugs with Handle,Insulated Layer Coffee Cups,Clear Borosilicate Glass Mugs,Perfect for Cappuccino,Tea,Latte,Espresso,Hot Beverage,Wine,Microwave Safe

and glass cups are appropriate for infused drinks; bamboo cups are simple to take with us; the cups with silicone covering are favorable for those who love walking with their hot cup in their hands, leaving home, and keeping sipping their coffee even in the metro or the office. 

Copper cups have recently become popular, not just for holding hot beverages but also for serving cocktails and other cold beverages.

12. Drink Coasters

LIFVER Drink Coasters with Holder, Absorbent Coaster Sets of 6, Marble Style Ceramic Drink Coaster for Tabletop Protection,Suitable for Kinds of Cups, Wooden Table, Cool Home Decor, 4 Inches

Coasters are little additions to the table that are used to rest cups and glasses on. Their primary purpose is to protect the surface upon which the drink is set. You may get drink coasters on demand in a rainbow of colors and designs. 

The materials used to make drink coasters are typically both absorbent and insulating. In most bars, paper drink coasters, which are often thrown away after a single use, are the norm. However, there seems to be an endless variety of models available for home use, such as marble, glass, metal, fabric drink coasters, and many more.

13. Trays

EZDC Wooden Tray, Coffee Table Tray, Ottoman Tray Dark Brown 16 x 12” Modern Aesthetic Decorative Serving Tray with Handles for Drinks and Food

First and foremost, trays are kitchen or dining room furnishings that come in handy for transporting food and drink from the kitchen island or other prep area to the dining room table.

Although they are merely functional items, they can provide the finishing touch to a delicious meal. Already in the early 18th century, trays were highly regarded as an elegant method to display a sophisticated coffee or tea service. 

There has always been a need, despite shifts in taste and style, for things to serve both a purely aesthetic and a purely practical purpose. To this day, a well-selected tray can serve as a functional centerpiece for serving meals or draw attention to a signature dish in a particular presentation manner. These days, consumers can pick from a dizzying array of tray options.

14. Place Mats

HeloHo Placemats Set of 4,Vinyl Table Place Mats, Heat Resistant Stain Resistant Foldable Placemats, Washable Wipeable Placemat for Kitchen Dining Table Decoration Indoor Outdoor(Blue)

Daily use will inevitably leave marks such as scratches and dents on your glass, wooden furniture, and other surfaces. It’s more likely to occur while you’re hosting guests, such as over the holidays. Wood furniture can be safeguarded with the use of table linens, including tablecloths, placemats, runners, potholders, and coasters.

15. Serving Bowls

LIFVER 9" Serving Bowls, Porcelain Large Serving Dishes, 36 Ounce for Salads, Side Dishes, Pasta, Oval Shape, Microwave & Dishwasher Safe, Good Size for Dinner Parties, Set of 4, White

A serving bowl is mostly used to keep food for guests to help themselves or for the host to serve. The usual practice involves setting out the bowls on a tabletop or buffet and then placing the corresponding cutlery inside or nearby.

16. Salad Bowls

Table Concept Bowl Set, Premium Acacia Wood Bowls, Salad Bowls, Serving Bowls, Home Decor Housewarming Gifts - 8", Set of 2

A salad bowl, usually spherical with low siding, is a handy dish for serving salad. They come in a variety of materials and are used to contain a lot of salad without spilling while tossing it.

17. Fruit Bowls

Mueller Fruit Basket, European Fruit Bowl, Fruit and Vegetables Holder for Counters, Kitchen, Countertop, Home Decor, High-end Look, Red

Selecting an appropriate bowl can delay the ripening process, allowing you to enjoy your fruit for a longer period. You may extend the lifespan of your fruit and vegetable purchases by storing them in a wooden bowl with holes.

18. Bread Bins

Legnoart Depot Bread Box with Light Ashwood Cutting Board, Brown

Bread bins in the UK are known as bread boxes in the US, and vice versa. Both are used to store bread and certain other bakery items to make them last longer. Bread prepared commercially using food preservatives as well as packaged makes them less frequent in homes.

19. Sugar Bowls

Farmhouse Sugar Bowl with Lid and Spoon, DAYYET 12 oz Ceramic Sugar Bowl with Spoon, Sugar Container for Coffee Bar, Sugar Jar Sugar Dispenser Bowl, Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor, White

Traditionally in the West, tea and coffee are served with sugar or sugar cubes, which are stored in a small bowl called a sugar bowl. 

20. Cookie Jars

Fifth Fork Large Cookie Jars for Kitchen Counter with Airtight Lids - Large Cookie Jar - Large Food Container for Cookies - Cute Funny Cookie Jar - Cookie Containers - Treat Storage Jar

Among the most fundamental and self-evident functions of a cookie jar is to keep its contents fresh and prevent them from spoiling. To keep baked products fresh for longer without having to resort to plastic wrap, many newer cookie jars feature a rubber seal. Grab one in the morning to enjoy with milk or save for dessert.

21. Creamers

Nucookery 8 Oz Classic White Fine Porcelain Creamer with Handle,Small Creamer Pitcher For Sauces Salad Coffee Milk More,Microwave & Freezer Safe (8-Ounce, Set/1)

In Western culture, milk or cream is typically served in a compact pitcher or jug known as a creamer with hot beverages like tea or coffee. In addition to ceramics like earthenware and porcelain, metals like silver and others are also used to make creamers, which are required accessories for any coffee or tea service.

22. Teapots

Teabloom All-in-One Glass Teapot and Tea Kettle – Heatproof Borosilicate Glass Tea Maker with Removable Stainless Steel Loose Tea Infuser – Classica Stovetop Tea Pot (40 oz)

A teapot is a receptacle for brewing and serving tea, an infusion made by steeping herbal mixes or tea leaves in hot water. Some people use this as decor but most have it on the table to steep their favorite tea bag or herbs. 

23. Tea sets

Teabloom Complete Tea Set – Glass Teapot (40 OZ), Loose Tea Glass Infuser, 4 Insulated Glass Teacups, Tea Warmer, and 12 Flowering Teas – Elegant Blooming Tea Gift Set

If you have tea often or have guests over for tea, you’ll want to invest in a lovely tea set. At one end of the table, you can find the china tea set and tea tray. Place the required amount of cups, saucers, and teaspoons on the table to the right. The left side of the table is set with plates, silverware, and tea napkins.

24. Egg cups

Egg Cracker Topper Set Soft Hard Boiled Eggs Separator Holder Include 4 Egg Spoons and 4 Egg Cups 1 Shells Remover Top Cutter Stainless Steel for Breakfast Kitchen Tool

Serving hard-boiled eggs in their shells requires special dinnerware known as an egg cup, also known as an egg server. Egg cups include a flat base with a curved, upward-facing part to contain the egg. Although it may have begun in Britain, its popularity in the U. S. has skyrocketed.

25. Jugs/Pitcher

Prodyne Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher

They come in all sorts of shapes now and are easy to pass around the table. Most won’t spill during the pouring process. They look great on the dining table and save us from walking away to the kitchen for a refill. 

26. Decanters

Dragon Glassware Whiskey Decanter, With Diamond Glasses and Base, 25-Ounce

Decanters are typically made of glass and are used to pour wine. As a result, decanting wine entails transferring it from the bottle to the decanter. The decanter is used to pour wine into single glasses for consumption in the household.

27. Food covers

Dish Cover Multifunctional binaural heat preservation Food Covers Reusable Durable Food Storage Covers Refrigerator Fresh-keeping Box (2, Green)

There are stylish food covers these days for the dining table. After all, you wouldn’t use mesh or plastic, especially in a formal setting.

Covering food prevents bacteria growth and foreign substances like pesticides and herbicides from entering the food. For both raw and cooked foods, some safeguards may be taken to stop the spread of hazardous microorganisms.

28. Soup Tureens/Soup Bowl

Bone China Soup Tureen with lid, 2.97QT, Gold Rim, Big Soup Bowl, 2pc set, Serveware, Big Serving Bowl, Elegant Ceramic/Porcelain, White, Translucent, Modern, Simple and resistant, Greeting dinnerware

A tureen is a large, deep, circular container with attached handles as well as a low arched lid that may be opened and closed with a knob or lever, typically used for serving soups and stews.

29. Butter Dish

Ceramic Butter Dish Set with Lid and Knife -Black - Decorative Butter Stick Holder with Handle for 1 Stick of Butter - Microwave Safe, Dishwasher Safe - Anti-Scratch Stickers Included

A butter plate is a tiny dish, typically with a lid, used to serve butter at the table. Since the nineteenth century, it’s been used to store butter. There are a variety of shapes and designs for the butter dish, some of which hold the butter in the air or on a bed of ice chips.

Some feature a basic cover, while others incorporate a metallic slot or rack to keep the butter spreader parallel to the table, set to use. Different types of materials, including porcelain, silver, china, and crystal, have been used to create butter dishes over the years.

30. Cork Screw

Evriholder Winged Corkscrew, Standard, Silver

Most individuals enjoy a glass of wine with their meal. At more than 30 million hectoliters in 2021, the United States consumed more wine than any other country, according to Statista. France consumed 25.2% more wine than any other country in the world in 2016.

A corkscrew is an instrument used to remove corks from bottles of wine and other beverages. A corkscrew, in its most basic form, comprises a sharp metallic screw connected to a handle that’s screwed into the cork & pulled out with the help of the tool’s handle.

31. Drip Catcher

Sunnyac Pack of 4 Kitchen Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Collars, Durable Wine Drip Ring (Red Wave)

Use a wine drip collar to encircle the bottle’s neck to catch any spills when pouring. To avoid a messy red wine stain on your kitchen/bar counter, carpet, or tablecloth, consider using a wine coaster. An impermeable and cushioned seal that prevents the wine from spilling and shields the bottle’s steel ring from damage.

32. Bottle Stopper

Wine Stoppers, Decorative Crystal Diamond Wine Bottle Stoppers with Gift Box Beverage Reusable Wine Corks Plug Keep Fresh Set of 3 Diamonds

You can see a barrel, tube, or bottle with a stopper, which is a spherical or conical closing. An external closure, such as a lid or bottle cap, does not affect the volume inside a container, but a bung must be inserted into the container to seal it.