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2 Dining Room Table Size Calculators (By People and Room Size)

A collage of three different images of dining room tables.

How big should your dining room table size be? Not always an easy question to answer. We’ve done a tone of research and based on our dining room table dimension charts, we developed the following dining room table size calculators.

You can calculate your dining room table size based one one of two criteria:

  • Based on how many people you want to accommodate; or
  • Based on how big your dining room space is.

What’s the difference?

When based on dining room space, it’s assumed you have limited space and want as large of a table as you can fit in the space.

When based on number of people you wish to accommodate, it’s assumed you have a set number of people in mind and want to ensure the table you get will comfortably accommodate them.

We developed a dining room table size calculator for both scenarios. They are set out below.

1. Based on Number of People

Use this calculator if you want to choose a dining table based on the number of people you wish to accommodate.


  • Standard width is 36″, but you can go narrower if necessary.
  • Calculator assumes you will seat one person on each end.
  • Our calculator assumes 7″ clearance from end of table to first chair in. It also assumes 28″ in space for each chair/person at the table.

2. Based on Room Size

Use this calculator you want to get as big of a table as possible based on your dining room space.


  • We assume 3′ of clearance on all sides of the table.