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7 Different Types of Candle Holders

A collage of different types of candle holders.

Quicklist: Candle Holders

  1. Tea Light Candle Holders
  2. Candelabras
  3. Candle Chandeliers
  4. Lanterns
  5. Hurricane Lamps
  6. Tapersticks
  7. Votive Candle Holders

The candle holder was originally intended to hold the candles upright and to catch dripping wax. The earliest candle holder discovered was made of clay and dates back to Egypt 400 BCE. Candles themselves, made out of beeswax and other materials, were in use for thousands of years by that time.

Candlesticks were popular during the Early Elizabethan and Stuart periods. The holders were made of silver during the 1600s and then later with brass. In the 18th century, the baluster came into use.

The introduction of the electric light bulb in the 1870s made candle holders largely unnecessary but they remained popular as decorative pieces.

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Different Types of Candle Holders 

1. Tea Light Candle Holders

Photo of tea light candle holder

Tea light candle holders are convenient to use and look great with certain types of candles. They are designed to hold small candles and are excellent for providing mood lighting.

If you are trying to create the right atmosphere for a romantic dinner with your sweetheart, then setting up some candles inside of tea light candle holders is a nice touch.

There are a variety of different tea light candle holders to choose from, too. Many of them will look different when compared to one another, but they are fundamentally the same in how they function.

2. Candelabras


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Candelabras, with multiple arms, are ornately showy and can be difficult to incorporate into some living spaces. They often wind up placed on top of a dining room table as a decorative piece.

The candelabra shown here is designed to look like an octopus with three tentacles stretched out upwards to hold candles. The San Pacific International Octopus Pillar Trio Candleholder is available from Walmart.

3. Candle Chandeliers

Photo of candle chandelier

Most modern chandeliers make use of electric lights whereas in the past, they were hung from the ceiling, and used candles to light up a room.

Like candlelabras, chandeliers are ornate lighting fixtures, usually with multiple arms. First introduced in the medieval era, chandeliers used candles to light interior spaces before gas and electricity were introduced.

4. Lanterns

Photo of lantern candle holder

Lanterns, from the Latin word laterna (meaning torch), have been used as torches for millennia. Candles are placed inside the portable structure to be used as a light source.

Lantern candle holders work well on patios to provide mood lighting during the evening.

5. Hurricane Lamps

Photo of Hurricane Lamp Candle Holder

Hurricane lamps get their name because their glass sides cover the candle entirely and protect it from drafts.

Thicker candles work well with the heavy duty hurricane lamp designs. The model shown here is a brass votive candle hurricane lamp.

6. Tapersticks

Photo of taper stick candle holder

Taper candles have a classic, elegant look that never goes out of style — they fit snugly into tapersticks and were de rigueur for finding your way around in the 17th century.

Longer stems sat atop pianos. Today the taper candle holders provide ambiance in restaurants and at home for dinner settings.

7. Votive Candle Holders

Photo of votive candle holder

A votive candle, meant to be burnt as an offering in prayer, is about two inches in height, so a votive candle holder doesn’t need to be much more than that. Similar to tea lights, the thicker votive candles usually have longer burn times.

Top Brands of Candle Holders

House of Hackney

This English home décor brand uses modern and classic design elements. A husband and wife created the brand and today, there are many more designers on the team.

House of Hackney was founded by myself and my husband Javvy,” says Frieda Gormley, the co-founder of House of Hackney. “We wanted to create beautiful products that would stand the test of time.”

You’ll find lots of unique candle holders here. Some designs look like different animals, while others look like plants. If you want to invest in a statement candle holder, this is a great brand to shop with.


CB2 candle holder.

Owned by Crate and Barrel, CB2 offers modern, affordable home décor. The brand partners with up-and-coming designers to create unique and attractive products.

At CB2, you can find candle holders from designers like Brett Beldock. Many of the products they carry aren’t sold anywhere else. If you’re looking for something sleek and contemporary, you’ll love what they have to offer.

Georg Jensen

Georg Jensen candle holder.

This Danish design company got its start back in 1904. The brand is best-known for its silverware, but they offer all kinds of products for the home.

Georj Jensen has a great selection of stainless steel candle holders. They offer options for tealight and taper candles. If you want something sleek, simple, and timeless, you’ll love their elegant designs.


Founded in 2018, this Brooklyn-based company offers products that are beautiful and affordable. Many of the candle holders that they sell are made from colorful hand-blown glass.

From modern products to vintage-inspired designs, Letifly has something for everyone. If you want a statement candle holder, but have a limited budget, you might find what you’re looking for here.


Anthropologie candle holder.

Anthropologie carries products from many leading home décor brands. While the selection they offer is already great, they also produce their own products.

Many of the candle holders that Anthropologie makes have a bohemian influence. There are wooden candle holders, products made from hand-blown glass, and more.


Hay candle holder.

If you’re in the market for both candles and candle holders, Hay has you covered. They offer a wide range of colorful products, as well as some designs that are on the simple side.

Hay takes inspiration from the art world, and many of their products look like works of art. 


Since 1881, Iittala has been making beautiful items from hand-blown glass. Today, this Nordic brand is known all over the globe. People love the brand for its unique and well-made products.

“The Iittala Glass Factory was founded by a Swedish master glassblower,” says Iittala PR specialist Jaana Eriksson. “Nowadays, it’s the only glass factory still operating in Finland.”

Iittala is famous for its glass, but they use sturdier materials for their candle holders. The brand offers elegant products made from brass, steel and copper.


KAFTHAN candle holder.

Everything that this Turkish brand carries is a work of art. Most of their candle holders are made from mosiac glass. They have lots of colorful designs, but there are simple options, too.

These candle holders will look great on any shelf, but they’ll look even better when a candle is inside. The flame of the candle will make the glass glow. It’s a cool effect that you’ll want to show off.

Maison Balzac

Maison Balzac candle holder.

The Maison Balzac brand debuted in 2012. Since then, many people have come to love their fun home décor products. The brand works with lots of designers all over the world.

If you browse their selection, you’ll find elegant and playful products. Some of the brand’s candle holders feature pom-poms while other products look like feet.


MacKenzie-Childs candle holder.

Located in Finger Lakes, NY, MacKenzie-Childs makes handcrafted home décor. People travel from all over the world to see their studio, but you don’t have to travel to buy their products.

This brand offers lots of holiday candle holders, but they also have products you can use all year. From sets of candlesticks to tealight holders, they have a great selection to choose from.

Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler candle holder.

At summer camp, Jonathan Adler fell in love with pottery. As an adult, he quit his day job so that he could become a potter full-time. Today, his brand is a big success. 

While this brand makes lots of white candle holders, they have many colorful designs, too. 

Where to Buy Candle Holders

Pottery Barn

Known for its high-end assortment of home goods, Pottery Barn is an excellent resource for candle holders of all kinds, particularly seasonal selections. This online and brick-and-mortar retailer offers a wide selection of options for today’s modern, rustic homes.

You’ll find beautiful luminary-style lantern candle holders that can be enjoyed both indoors and outside. There are also ceramic options, stunning glass candle holders, and Christmas tree-shaped holders to celebrate the season.

Try a wall sconce-style candle holder for a beautiful way to illuminate a hallway or small space. From durable cast iron to shimmering mercury glass, Pottery Barn is the place to go for home decor products.

You’ll also find a wonderful selection of bedding, table linens, dishware, and much more on the website. Depending on where you live, you can also visit one of Pottery Barn’s retail locations to shop in person.

Crate & Barrel

If modern design is your thing, give Crate & Barrel a try. While this retailer tends to specialize in tableware, it also sells a wide selection of uniquely designed home décor, including candle holders. If you live near a retail location, you can order your products online and then pick them up in-store.

The company sells stunning geometric-shaped candle holders made of materials like solid marble and metal, as well as a wide assortment of seasonal candle holders to make your home festive and bright.

If you’re looking for something elegant and simple, be sure to explore the brand’s variety of clear glass hurricane candle holders, too. From boho-chic candle holders made of rattan to sleek metal candle holders finished in gold that you hang on the wall, Crate & Barrel has something for every interior design style.


With a seemingly endless selection of home goods, Target is an excellent place to find stylish and affordable candle holders. Most products ship to your door free of charge with a minimum purchase of $35 or more.

When browsing the Target website, you can easily sort through the company’s selections by narrowing down your choices based on categories. For example, Target separates candle holder styles by various types, including candle holder sets, votive candle holders, taper style candle holders, hurricane or lantern styles, and many more.

Check out Target’s exclusive Threshold line of home goods or add a fun and colorful element to your space with items from their popular Opalhouse line. You can also find a wide range of candles to go with your new candle holders.

This popular retailer sells everything from sets of candlesticks and scented pillar candles to colorful jar candles and much more. Check their seasonal offerings for festive designs or try a neutral candle and a versatile glass or stone candle holder that you can enjoy in your home all year round.

Kirkland’s Home

From modern and rustic to everything in between, Kirkland’s Home offers a myriad of beautiful home décor. Browse their selection of stunning candle holders available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and materials.

Wall sconce-style candle holders add a warm illumination to your space, while tall, lantern-style candle holders look elegant on a dining room table or your front porch. The company offers a unique array of high-quality home goods, including festive seasonal candle holders and versatile designs you can enjoy in your home all year round.

The company has been doing business since 1966 when it began as a franchised gift shop in Jackson, Tennessee. Today, Kirkland’s Home is a very popular retailer for all things home and features several retail stores throughout the United States.

You can also purchase items online at the company’s website and have them shipped right to your door, too. The option to buy online and pick items up in-store is also available if you’re near a retail location.

If you’re looking for a unique variety of beautiful and well-made candle holders, Kirkland’s Home is a great choice.


Whether you need a new area rug or a refrigerator for your kitchen, Wayfair has everything you need to create a beautiful space. This massively popular online retailer has a website and an app where you can shop for candle holders and more from your smartphone.

Almost every order of $35 or more ships for free, too. Shop the website’s vast assortment of stylish candle holders featured in virtually every design and style under the sun.

The company offers beautiful candle holders made of metal, glass, stone, and more. You can also find candles to go with your holder, too. Look for new wall art, furniture, and decorative items while you’re shopping, too.

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