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The Rounding by Todot Architects and Partners

The Rounding by Todot Architects and Partners

Office Name: Todot Architects & Partners
Social Media Accounts: todot_architects
Contact email:
Firm Location: Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi Province
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 321.56 m2 / 3461 ft2
Project Location: Seoul, South Korea
Program: Café, Multi-family Housing
Lead Architects: Cho Byung Kyu, Mo Seung Min
Lead Architects e-mail:
Photo Credits: Park Gunjoo

A residential area retreated from Olympic Park. The owner wanted to build a rental house for investment and profit purposes that he did not live in. With the purpose of realizing so-called profit-type real estate, we thought that it was the role of the architect to enhance the residential environment and rental value of the housing, which is a product of the rental business.

The 4m and 6m roads meet so that the project started from the thought of how the building should be seated on the corner land, which is located on a narrow road that is visually clearly visible. A corner house is a place where you can see the scene where everything intersects, and it was expected that the daily scenery of the intersection of the neighborhood and the small road opened in three directions would be intertwined with the daily life of the people who live there and create a story.

In order for a 10-generation small multi-family house, which was planned to be a rental housing for young people and newlyweds, to build love as my home and our neighborhood, even if there is interference, I had the idea to create more space to meet and relate to the road. Although the magnifying glass observing the neighborhood eventually resulted in complaints.

In addition, I hoped that the appearance of ’rounding’ that the locals would face on a narrow road would be reflected as ‘looseness’ and ‘softness’ rather than ‘tension’ and ‘sensitivity’. I hope that the owners and residents of the surrounding buildings will understand this feeling and give the people who live here with a generous heart a chance to naturally infiltrate.

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