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Taganka Apartment by Blockstudio

Taganka Apartment by Blockstudio

Firm: Blockstudio
Architects: Natalia and Ivan Trofimov
Total area: 150 sq.m.
Photos: Mikhail Loskutov

About Studio

Blockstudio is an architecture and interior design service office based in Moscow. Founded by a brother and sister – Natalia and Ivan Trofimov –12 years ago, the partnership has got over 50 implemented interior design and architecture projects to their credit, including architectural design for country houses.

The architects seek to create interiors that would serve as an ideal background to their owners, in other words, to create something similar to an old portrait where every object and detail speaks of a character adding to the overall image. However, the guiding principle is functionality and lack of excessive details diverting the attention from the general atmosphere of the space, its light and air.

The partners’ different educational background (Ivan is an architect and Natalia majored in art history) enables them to design complex projects where their perspectives and approach come through in a finely balanced-off product.

This project revolved around the apartment owners’ wish to integrate antique furniture in a modern setting while avoiding an atmosphere of a museum. Antiques carry the magic of craftsmanship and, when incorporated in an interior, they continue to give off their warmth. The space created by the architects has given the selected antique pieces a new lease on life.

Unlike everywhere else in the world, most Russian customers do not embrace the idea that interior pieces of different periods can be juxtaposed in one common space and, from this perspective, the project is unique. The apartment is situated in a 19th century building that was overhauled in the 20th century with no trace of its original floor and apartment layout left. Thus, the antique furniture has taken on the function of a historical context, while the design of the space is functional and minimalistic.

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Apartment for a family of two adults and two children.

The first floor is an open space for public areas. The second floor is completely private. There is a bedroom, children’s rooms and bathrooms.