32 Types of Glass Front Doors for Your Home

Discover the 32 different types of glass front doors for you home. Includes close-up photos of glass styles and designs such as rain glass, reeded glass, glue-chip glass and many more.

New house with glass front door

Choosing the right glass for your front entry door is a meticulous process. For homeowners seeking a little more privacy, frosted or stained glass offers less visibility. Rain glass, giving the appearance of heavy rain streaks against a window, is a current trend.

Clear beveled glass is less private option, but allows the maximum amount of light. If overlaid with wrought iron, it can create more privacy while also embarking on a baroque semblance.

Homeowners seeking to combine clear beveled glass with privacy may also consider investing in a wood entry door with blinds between glass panels. Manually-controlled blinds can be installed between the glass panels of a door for optimal visibility (or lack thereof). When it comes to wood entry doors, there are shapes, designs, and sizes for every home, with styles that span across decades and architectural trends.

Types of Glass

1. Rain Glass

Dark gray front door with a series of glass panels
Dark gray front door with a series of rain glass windows in a grid formation.
Close up of rain glass pattern.
Close-up photo of rain glass pattern.

2. Stained Glass

Wood front door with stained glass windows
Blue double front door with stained glass windows.

3. Frosted Glass

Modern front entry door with frosted glass window
Example of a dark gray door with frosted windows on the door and sidelite windows.

4. Glass and Wrought Iron

Glass with iron front door and blinds
Here’s a front entry door with large glass window with iron decor included.

5. Clear Glass

Wood front door with clear glass windows

6. Ornate Glass

Ornate glass and wood front door
Double door to entry of a house with ornate glass styling.

Close-Up Glass Design Options

The following close-up glass designs and types are courtesy of Nicksbuilding.com.

7. Mayflower Glass

Mayflower glass design
Close-up photo of Mayflower glass design.

8. Taffeta Glass

Taffeta glass style
Close-up photo of Taffeta glass style.

9. Reeded Glass

Reeded glass design
Close-up photo of reeded glass style.

10. Glue-Chip Glass

Glue Chip Glass Design
Close-up photo of glue chip glass styling.

11. Stippolyte Glass

Stippolyte Glass
Close-up photo of stippolyte glass design.

12. Granite Glass

Granite Glass Design
Close-up photo of granite glass pattern.

13. Sycamore Glass

Sycamore Glass Design
Close-up photo of sycamore glass pattern.

14. Digital Glass

Digital Glass Design
Close-up photo of digital glass pattern.

15. Everglade Glass

Everglade Glass Design
Close-up photo of everglade glass pattern.

16. Sandblast Glass

Sandblast Glass Design
Close-up photo of sandblast glass for front entry door.


Glass Door Styles

17. Modern Glass Front Door

Modern front door with half circle glass windows
Large one story modern home with dark gray double modern front doors with half-circle glass windows.

18. Craftsman

Craftsman style wood door with glass windows
Example of a craftsman style front door with window.

19. Rustic

Rustic wood front door with 3 small windows
Rustic front door with 3 staggered glass windows.

Door Type

20. Single Door with Glass

Single front door with large glass window
Example of a single entry door with large glass window (no sidelite).

21. Double Door with Glass

Large white double front door with glass (as well as glass sidelites)
Double white door almost all glass along with matching white sidelites.


22. Sidelites with Glass

Single front door with window sidelites
Single front door with window along with sidelights with windows.


Glass Shape

23. Oval Glass Front Door

Wood front door with oval glass window
Example of a solid wood front door with large oval glass window.

24. Rectangle (Vertically Oriented)

Interior view of a white front door with long rectangle window
House with contemporary white door with vertically oriented rectangle glass window.

25. Rectangle (Horizontally Oriented)

Front door with horizontally oriented glass windows
Photo example of a contemporary white door with a series of horizontal rectangle glass windows.


26. Arched

Arched front door with arched glass window
Example of an arched glass window on front door leading into a white brick home.


Glass Front Door Privacy Considerations

27. Blinds

Wood and glass door with blinds
Example of a front door with blinds embedded in between the glass panes.

28. Front Glass Door with Curtain

Door glass window with curtains
Double red front door with curtains providing privacy from the door’s large glass windows.

Door Materials

29. Full Glass Front Door

Full glass front door with wood frame
Example of a front door with a nearly full glass door.


30. Wood with Glass

Glass and wood front door
Solid wood front entry door with glass window (upper part of the door).

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31. Fiberglass with Glass Window

White fiberglass front door with a window
Example of a white fiberglass door with a window and mail slot.

32. Steel with Glass

Steel front door with glass window
Black and stainless steel metal front door for modern home.
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