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Should a Foyer Table be in the Center of the Foyer or Against the Wall? Both?

Foyer with a central round table over a large area rug.

Even though some spacious entryways allow for a central foyer table, I like it placed against the wall. This design is convenient while giving the room a tidier and more balanced look. A central foyer may look good, but the idea of having a sole furniture piece sitting idle at the entryway does not suit my taste.

Besides, keeping the table by the wall offers extra room for movement and décor in your entryway. Here are some styles I love with the foyer by the wall:

With Accessories

Foyer with a wooden console table topped with plants, table lamp, and a round mirror.

Incorporating an accessory around the foyer table is always an excellent thought to make your entryway more interesting. These additions also help create balance and contrast, allowing you to avoid monotony in your space. I love the table placed against the wall in this foyer since it also lines up with the staircase.

This position aids in forming an invisible partition between the entry and inside sections of the home.

The placement by the wall means you have more navigation room without the table feeling out of place. I love this table, especially its simplistic design, with a heavy top featuring drawers and a lighter bottom with thin, metal legs. This design lets you keep bulky items inside the drawers while the thin legs eliminate a bulky overall appearance.

The foyer table has several accessories to offer a point of interest while balancing the space. It includes a rounded mirror hanging centrally over the table. Mirrors are a great addition whenever possible since they can make a room appear bigger.

The table also holds flower vases and a lampstand, delivering the perfect balance of décor and utility. 

Its neutral wood finish matches the brown mirror frame, flower pot holder, and dark brown wooden floor. The walls feature a white and off-white combination to give the geometrical angles a unique visual balance. I also like that the staircase carpet acts as a link for all the hues, with its grey shade being in the middle of the total color palettes.

Minimalist Look

Minimalist foyer with a black console table adorned with clustered tiny square mirrors.

The minimalist home can incorporate a stylish foyer without diverting its signature quality. Our example shows how to use a foyer table by the wall to provide functionality and style. The table has a quality ebony construction, giving it a darker shade that can suit any light palette.

It perfectly blends with this entryway’s grey walls, white walls, and wooden flooring.

I also like that the table comes in a long but narrow shape, keeping it as close to the wall as possible while leaving more entry room. The minimalist design includes two accessories, the art piece on the wall and a bronze key tray on the tabletop. Even though the entryway may seem empty, I love this design because it communicates relaxation.

You can calmly leave and return home without your mind and vision wandering around on multiple decors. Additionally, the reduced cleaning and maintenance hassle it offers would be a plus for my lazy bones.   

Double-sided Design

Foyer with a white console table and a built-in base cabinet against the beadboard wall.

The double-sided style is among the designs I would incorporate in my home if I had a suitable architectural space. I love this foyer’s look that has a table by the wall on one side and a longer base cabinet on the other. The two furniture pieces offer quality storage areas, with the table incorporating a lower shelf and the cabinet having open and closed shelves.

In addition, I like that you can transform the cabinet into a bench, eliminating the need for extra individual chairs. The length makes it perfect when hosting guests since they can use the foyer bench comfortably without queuing around your home.

I cannot emphasize my appreciation for the upper shelves, offering more storage and displaying space.

Aside from these, our foyer adapts a simple interior design with different shades of white. The walls behind the foyer table and at the door have a cream finish, while the wall behind the cabinet bench features a white shade. The door, cabinet, lamp cover, shelves, and foyer table incorporate white hues to match the overall entryway theme.

Lastly, the neutral wood flooring blends with the rest of the space. It connects the lighter palettes to darker accessories, including brown baskets, the black picture, and the lampstand.   

Contemporary Appeal

Foyer with a white front door and a black console table with tufted ottomans underneath.

Contemporary foyer designs offer a wide selection of styles to transform your home, ranging from chic to homely modern entryways. Our modern room incorporates quality dark blue wallpaper with golden details to create patterned squares. The white doors, ceiling, upper railings, flooring, and photo frames brighten the entryway to make your return home a welcoming one.

Our example here features a luxurious foyer table by the wall. It has a black and glossy finish, giving the furniture a high-end look. The golden details on its legs and handles offer a classy look that complements the golden square patterns on the wall.

I also like that it follows Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s saying, “Less is more,” by incorporating gold sparingly.

This foyer table also comes with two rounded cushioned seats for added style. I love these additions since they make waiting for my delaying loved ones easier. These seats ensure I can patiently relax and not have to stand around by the door, risking annoyance.

Besides, I like their pale grey palette that matches the different shades in the foyer, from the blue umbrella stand by the door to the brown staircase carpet.    

A foyer against the wall presents a neater appearance while creating additional space in the entryway. The table also comes in different styles that let you accessorize your foyer in a style that suits your preference and room dimensions. I recommend it for any home size and type, ranging from contemporary and luxurious homes to minimalist houses.