75 Scandinavian-Style Master Bathroom Ideas (Photos)

Step into these Scandinadian-Style master bathroom ideas that will give you that unique Scandinavian uncomplicated bathroom experience. Be inspired to give your bathroom an air of Scandinavia.

This Scandinavian-Style bathroom has a simple white and bright theme that is contrasted by the charming green tiles of the floor that has leafy braid-like patterns. These floor tiles make the white toilet and white bathtub stand out in their brightness.

This is a master bathroom with lots of floor space in the vanity area. The floor has gray tiles that make it look industrial. This is paired with white marble walls that extend all the way to the shower area that has a stone wall accented with various wood planks.

The elements of gold and wood stand out against the white ceiling and white-tiled floors and walls. The gold elements are seen on the faucets, overhead shower, and their fixtures. The wooden elements are applied to the cabinets, drawers and charming little bench in the shower area.

The bathtub is fixed into the corner of the bathroom with white tiles paired with black grout and arranged in a brick wall pattern. This is reciprocated by the black tiles of the floor paired with white grout. This floor stands out against the white walls and ceiling.

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This charming white-ceilinged bathroom has a quaint circular freestanding bathtub by the window of the wooden wall. next to this area is the toilet which is enclosed in gray walls that matches the gray floor tiles. The vanity stands out with its light blue drawers and mirrors with backlight.

This bathroom has a shower area illuminated by a frosted glass window and brightens up the white tiles of the walls and floor which is topped with gray non-slip area rugs for safety. Both the wooden vanity area and white toilet are of a floating design to maximize space.

This Scandinavian-Style bathroom has charming built-in limpet drawers and cabinets of the vanity area that has a black countertop with two sinks paired with oblong wall-mounted mirror. This is besides a glass door leading to the shower area and bathtub with black tiles.

The black built-in drawers of the vanity area stand out against the white countertop and walls as well as the floor of this Scandinavian-Style bathroom. The white bathtub is paired with rustic wooden elements of the bath caddy and the tree stump stool beside it.

The shower area is walled in with glass and white tiles separating it from the rest of the Scandinavian-Style bathroom. The freestanding bathtub is situated beside a window and sandwiched by aa rustic wooden ladder towel rack and a potted plant.

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The shower area of this Scandinavian-Style bathroom has colorful random floor tiles and white walls that are topped by glass windows that offer a view of the outside. This shower area is separated from the bathtub area with a glass door and wall fixed into the bathtub housing.

The wall-mounted black and white photos give accent to the white walls and white ceiling of this simple white bathroom. The white toilet is topped with ceiling-mounted semi-flush lighting that matches the hexagonal gray tiles of the floor.

The floating wooden cabinets and drawers of the vanity area are topped with a black stone countertop extending to the backsplash. The wall-mounted mirror above the backsplash has a wooden frame and is flanked by two modern metallic lamps.

The white bathtub at the corner is topped with a pendant light that has a chic brass design matching with the faucets and bathroom fixtures. There is a sunroof over the white toilet beside the vanity area that has white wooden drawers and a shelf at the bottom.

The patterns of the white-tiled walls and the black-tiled floor complement each other and contribute to the simple intricacy of the bathroom. This is contrasted by potted plants that pop out against the white freestanding bathtub and white sink.

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This airy bathroom has a long floating vanity area that is wide enough for two sinks with their own golden faucets and wall-mounted circular mirrors. The freestanding bathtub at the corner is topped with a wide glass window illuminating the white-tiled flooring.

This Scandinavian-Style bathroom has a low wooden shed ceiling that has white exposed wooden beams. There is a simple floating white sink by the door. The glass door leading to the white-tiled shower area follows the lay of the shed ceiling.

The white shed ceiling of this Scandinavian-Style bathroom has a sunroof that looks over the white bathtub that takes up most of the space of the wooden wall. To save space, The wooden vanity area is embedded into the wall across from the bathtub.

This a bright and airy bathroom with glass walls opening up to the rooftop garden. This is paired with a glass-mounted modern fireplace that offers warmth to the wide gray floors and rustic wooden ceiling with woven wicker and exposed beams.

The white bathtub is fixed into a charming cove beside the window with gray tiles that match the gray patterns of the floor tiles and complements the light gray walls. The floating white vanity area has a white sink paired with a wide rectangular frame-less mirror.

The natural light coming in from the dormer window of this Scandinavian-Style bathroom illuminates the white flooring and white shed ceiling with exposed wooden beams. beside the window is a white bathtub fixed into the corner.

The entire wall at the head of the bathtub is made of glass that offers a view of the row of potted plants outside. The natural light of this glass wall is supplemented by the sunroof on the white ceiling. Contrasting this brightness are the dark gray tiles of the floor and built-in shelves of the vanity area.

The floor tiles of this Scandinavian-Style bathroom has intricate sea-green patterns that contrast the white freestanding bathtub paired with a golden faucet. This matches with the golden faucet and fixtures of the white sink illuminated by a white shuttered window.

This is a small Scandinavian-Style bathroom that maximizes its small floor space with a white bathtub fixed into a cove of the beige ceiling, beige walls, and glass windows framed with wood. The corner is illuminated by ceiling mounted pin lights.

The Scandinavian-style bathroom is dominated by gray tones of the floor tiles that extend to the walls. The shower area is separated from the rest of the room by sliding glass doors framed with black that matches the bathroom fixtures.

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