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Sayang House by Carlos Gris Studio

Sayang House by Carlos Gris Studio

Design and Architecture: Carlos Gris Studio
Project Management: Fernando Gris
Architectural Detailing Support: James Rixon & Tony Walton
Engineer: JMS Engineers, Matt Greasley
SIPS specialist: SIPS building Ltd, Andrew Gillet
Steel Specialist: Ian Cross Services (ICS)
Glazing specialist: Maxlight
Carpentry & Shou Sugi Ban Cladding: Kings Carpentry Ltd, Phillip King
Block and Beam: Kingspan
Electrician: Theo Bailey
Drains and Septic: Drain Store
Roofing: Kieran Harcourt
Plasterer: Danny Hatley
Heating: Eco Installer
Photography: Ed Reeve
Videography: Mauricio Gris – Thread Films

This new pavilion property was designed by Carlos Gris Studio for Gretta Funnell as she returns from 20 years living in Malaysia, after Ray her husband sadly passed away. She purchased an isolated piece of land in the fenlands with the hope of starting a new life living nearer her family.

This simple rectangular pavilion is both classical and modernist in style, and absorbs the linear and minimal tastes Gretta adopted from interiors in Kuala Lumpur.

Whilst the property would appear very clean lined it also tries to blend into the vernacular of the fenland. It is single storey and flattened like the local marshland terrain. The strong geometric roof parapet is a reflection of the long and flat horizons seen in the area. The full property is covered in brown-brushed Shou Sugi Ban to nod to Asia and also to the muddy backdrop of the fenlands. The proportions of the cladding and its structured layout is designed to reflect the wooden sleepers of a rail track that runs through a nearby field.

The front door is centered on an existing weeping willow that sits in the rear garden. When you enter every space within the property, the opposing wall is floor-to-ceiling glass to offer an immediate framing of the exterior garden. Despite having two curtain walls on the north and south facing elevations, the property is extremely economical with a SAP reading not far from becoming a PassiveHaus.

Inside, the opposing walls are square framing the countryside. Minimalism is carried into the interior showcasing clean lines and white walls that contrasted the heavily saturated panoramic views. A railway runs parallel to the house giving it a nice touch.

Sayang house captures the serenity against the dramatic movements of nature outside. Everything is reduced to obtain the quietness and minimalist character of the house.