RED POINT by he.D Group

RED POINT by he.D Group

We tried to make the studio as comfortable and mature as possible.

The space in the functional kitchen we have highlighted with ceramic tiles with a very beautiful stone texture. Also, the part that goes along the wall, we highlighted with an accentuated saturated blue shade. In contrast to tiles and the natural shade of wood, which we used for cladding some walls and for the facades of cupboards and shelving units, this color looks particularly good and underlines its individuality. The highlight of the kitchen area is the sink with floor mixer. It looks so bright and not standard, that the kitchen becomes an exclusive element of your apartment.

A large corner sofa (Rope Sofa Chaise Lounge), a round table (made to order) – a small accent in your studio, a neutral maximum comfort work area that fits perfectly into this space, wooden wall paneling – create a special cozy atmosphere.

In the bedroom, we placed a very stylish bed (ROMP BE 01), which filled the whole space with its softness. A decorative partition separates the sleeping area from the studio, we decided to make it with a beautiful flux glass in metal profile. Not only does it close to this area, but it also decorates the whole room.

We have paid special attention to the lighting in your apartment (Vibia modular system Tube). We have developed a completely non-standard line of hangers, which are connected linearly and zonally illuminate the necessary space.

The studio has turned out to be very stylish and at the same time very cozy.

To finish the bathroom we took the same tiles as in the kitchen area. On its background, black plumbing looks the most successful. This space has turned out to be as minimalistic as possible and at the same time very stylish. The black ceiling seems to dissolve and you don’t feel its absolute height, it seems endless.

A large comfortable washbasin with a large mirror in which we sewed the LED backlight will be a favorite place for morning treatments.

And the dressing room is in contrast to the bathroom. Light furniture structures on the background of a wooden texture, which came from the studio, create the right contrast.

To the left of the entrance is a wardrobe in which hides not only the washing machine but also everything you need for washing and cleaning the apartment.

We have designed the rest of the dressing room in such a way that every square centimeter is used for storing things.

Design by: he.D Group

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