1,335 Medium-Sized Living Room Ideas for 2019

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If your living room is medium-sized, you may have the perfect amount of space for all your furniture and decor. Living rooms that are too small can be frustrating and larger living rooms can be hard to create a “cozy” space; medium-sized living rooms are often “just right.”

Out of the 227,284 living rooms and four sizes analyzed, 51.58 percent (or 117,237) are considered to medium-sized living rooms, which is the most common size.

Characteristics of a Medium-Sized Living Room

Dimensions may vary, but a medium-sized living room is typically 12’ x 18’. This size of the living room can fit about six to ten people, comfortably. Medium-sized living rooms are most often in standard-sized family homes and sometimes multiple bedroom apartments.

Although a medium-sized living room is enough space for a household to be comfortable, it can easily feel or looked too cramped without the right balance throughout the room.

Roominess and Traffic Flow

When you have a medium-sized living room is natural to want to fill it with furniture, but if you organize inefficiently, it can either look uninviting or block the flow of traffic. You might be tempted to push all of your furniture against a wall to provide more floor space, but this look doesn’t always work.

As you browse our gallery of Medium-Sized Living Rooms, you will notice that many of the living rooms have the furniture situated around a focal point (such as a coffee table). Not only does this provide a sense of quiet and cozy seating, but it also allows for traffic flow and making the living room still look spacious.

Use of Color

Painting your walls white or another light color will help to keep your living room feeling comfortable and “roomy” but don’t be afraid to incorporate color into your living room, too. Paint one wall a bold color and hang up a large painting or add patterned wallpaper to one wall; even if you’re a little limited on space decorating walls can make a statement.

Keep It Simple

If you want to make the most of the space you have in your medium-sized living room, it’s best to keep it simple. Even if you have space, pick and choose the furniture and accent pieces carefully. There’s no point in filling your space with stuff just because it’s there.

Take a look at Transitional or Midcentury designs, and you can see that these designs reflect the homeowner’s personality but still look relatively simple.

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