145 Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas for 2019

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Thanks for visiting our farmhouse kitchen photo gallery where you can search hundreds of farmhouse style kitchen design ideas.

This is our farmhouse kitchen design gallery where you can browse hundreds of photos or filter down your search with the options below.  We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week.

Spacious farmhouse kitchen with blue cabinetry, wood beams against white ceiling and rustic open-faced floating shelves by chango & co.

Spacious farmhouse kitchen with blue cabinetry, wood beams against white ceiling and rustic open-faced floating shelves by chango & co.

Large farmhouse dine-in-kitchen with chandelier and tile flooring.
Farmhouse galley kitchen with yes island and tile flooring.

Source: Zillow DigsTM

Farmhouse kitchen with beige cabinetry, arched doorway, central island breakfast bar and hardwood flooring.
Single wall great room kitchen with coffered ceiling, chandelier, farmhouse sink and 2 islands.
White kitchen with recessed panel cabinetry, pendant lights, central island and hardwood flooring.
Open-concept single wall kitchen with white cabinetry, island breakfast bar and hardwood flooring.

White kitchen with chandelier, glossy white brick backsplash and stainless steel appliances.
Farmhouse kitchen with beam ceiling, pot rack, built-in shelving displaying ceramics and a kitchen island table.
Large dark wood island in ornate white kitchen.
Angled kitchen island in large kitchen. This island is an example of a unique shape in order to fit within the kitchen layout.

White luxury kitchen with matching island. Notable island feature is the rounded ends and that it’s small yet fits well within the kitchen. An island need not be huge… small islands can be a useful addition to many kitchens.
Semi-circular kitchen island with eating on the curved side.
Large open living white kitchen design with elaborate rectangle kitchen island. Notice the small desk one one end as well as the glass-faced cabinets.

Whether you live in the country or the city, you can bring a country-like aesthetic into your home with a farmhouse kitchen design. Farmhouse designs do not have specific characteristics as they can draw from almost any interior design style. However, farmhouse kitchen design ideas often incorporate many natural elements in their designs.

Farmhouse Design Elements

Like many other kitchen designs, farmhouse kitchens use many natural materials like wood cabinets, hardwood flooring, and center islands into their designs. By adding other elements like stone or brick and exposed beams, they can take on a rugged, rustic aesthetic as well. This design isn’t the most popular kitchen style because out of 1.78 million kitchen designs, only about 3.2% of them had a farmhouse design.

Farmhouse Wood Finishes

Although wood flooring and some of the furnishings will have darker wood tones, the cabinets in farmhouse designs will usually have white finishes. Other colors may include beige, light gray, or a pale color like yellow. Many cabinets will also have a distressed look, which was found in 10,659 out of 679, 391 kitchens surveyed.

While some designs will incorporate tile floors, most farmhouse styles will install hardwood flooring. Wide planks are common as well, which may indicate the flooring has been reclaimed from older houses, buildings, or barns. The wood flooring finishes can range from light oak to black wood stains, depending on the other colors in the design.

Incorporating Stone

Many farmhouse kitchens incorporate stone since it is a natural, rugged element you will find in the country. Homeowners may install stone hearths around their stoves or ovens, or they may include a fireplace in the kitchen if there is space for one. Stone or tile backsplashes are also seen in many farmhouse designs.

Sink Styles

While some kitchens will have a drop-in sink, the most common sink style for a farmhouse design is, not surprisingly, the farmhouse sink. This type of sink usually has one basin but is deeper than standard drop-in sinks, and it is usually made from porcelain. For homeowners who prefer a stainless steel sink, They can choose an undermount design. The undermount style is the most common sink found in kitchens, as it was present in nearly 51% of 587, 942 kitchens in a recent survey.

If you want your kitchen to have a farmhouse aesthetic, but need some suggestions, here are some examples of farmhouse kitchen design ideas.

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