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There’s no need for that rickety folding table at Thanksgiving if you’ve got plenty of room at the end of the table. An impressive, vast rectangular dining table can offer all the room that you’ll need without having to sacrifice style.

A few moves can keep your dining table from bringing the room down, and leave your guests impressed instead.

Seating Many for Less

You’ll find that a rectangular dining table is a purchase that will not only allow you to host more guests for holidays, birthdays, and dinner parties, but it creates the illusion of affluence while providing a sophisticated flair. You can dress up your budget conscious purchase with a few different styling options.

Color Scheme

Nothing says classy and sleek like a traditional wooden, rectangular dining table. The brown color of the wood, whether it’s lighter or darker can be complemented with a cream or beige colored accent on the table.

A centerpiece that complements the color of your table, like a deep brown basket filled with fruits or a couple of white, decorative candlesticks, can create a polished, and contemporary look.

If you’ve opted for a glass, rectangular shaped dining table, brighter looks can work together with the table to take the look of your dining room to the next level. If your glass dining table is complemented by white paint on the walls of the dining room and a white rug underneath, the look will really come together.


To complete the picture of class that you’re trying to create by including a rectangular dining table in your dining room, you won’t need much in terms of lighting.

A simple, multi-pendant light fixture can really help with pulling everything together. Some of the pieces that you’d see at a Pier One or Pottery Barn can be the finishing touches on the setup of your dining space.


You can enhance the sophisticated feel of your dining room with a few other accents. You can place stylish shelving or your cabinet full of plate ware in the dining room. This is especially true if your dining table matches the cabinet in color.

Whether you have a glass or wooden dining table, chairs that make a statement can really bring your look home. You could go for a classic, straightforward dining chair or a dining chair that takes risks with its materials and patterns.