37 Parts of a Gazebo (Illustrated Diagram)

Wood gazebo in the backyard

2 diagrams that show the different parts of a gazebo and how a gazebo is built from foundation to roof. These custom diagrams will give you a really good idea how to build or plan a gazebo and then build it.

We had a gazebo on our property once upon a time and loved it. It was a terrific place to eat outside. Ours was square with a square picnic table and benches inside.

Gazebos aren’t terribly popular as backyard structures because they’re costly, but they can be a terrific addition offering a covered space. There are many types of gazebo designs as well as many parts to a fully constructed gazebo. Below we set out two detailed diagrams illustrating the anatomy of a gazebo.

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Parts of a Gazebo (Diagram)

Illustrated diagram showing the different parts of a gazebo

  • Ridge Caps: The pieces on top of the ridge that covers the opposite sides of a pitched roof.
  • Ceiling Joist: The horizontal beam that supports the diagonal rafters and provides structure to a ceiling.
  • Central Hub: The top end of the post where rafters radiate outwards from.
  • Cupola Finial: The decorative part sitting on top of the central hub.
  • Shingle: Roof covering typically made of flat, rectangular shapes.
  • Beam: The horizontal structural member that supports a load.
  • Knee Brace: The diagonal piece of lumber connected to and extending from the sidewall posts at a 45° angle to support the post frame structure.
  • Post: The vertical structural member that serves as a leaning support.
  • Baluster: Decorative short pillar or column.
  • Post Anchor: The bracket supporting the post.
  • Floor Joist: Supporting elements of a floor.
  • Floor: The ground or base of a room that can be walked on.
  • Concrete Slab: A flat piece of concrete often used to construct floors and ceilings.
  • Bench: A long seat that can accommodate several people.
  • Skirt Board: Also called baseboard, it is used for covering that part between the wall surface and the floor.
  • Bottom Rail: The base horizontal member of a frame.
  • Top Rail: The top horizontal member of a frame.

Cross-Section Anatomy of a Gazebo (Illustration)

Cross-section diagram showing how a gazebo is built

  • Corner Post: A square post support fixed at the corner.
  • Post Support: The diagonal structural member supporting the post.
  • Shingle: Roof covering typically made of flat, rectangular shapes.
  • Cupola Finial: The decorative part sitting on top of the central hub.
  • Central Hub: The top end of the post where rafters radiate outwards from.
  • Intermediate Rafter: Also known as common rafter, it is one of a series of diagonal members supporting the roof.
  • Short Rafter: Also known as Jack Rafter, it is used in a hip or valley roof.
  • Roof Slat: One of a series of thin narrow flat strips of wood or metal placed in an overlap.
  • Header: The horizontal support structure that creates an opening in the roof for a window, door and other openings.
  • Corner Rafter: The diagonal structural member fixed at the corner of a pitched roof.
  • Fascia: A wooden board covering for the ends of rafters.
  • Ledger: A horizontal board installed to a wall to support other structural elements.
  • Concrete Pier: Used as load-bearing foundation for structures, it’s typically a cylindrical concrete shaft sunk into prepared holes.
  • Intermediate Post: The central post.
  • Carriage Bolt: Round-headed large bolt used for fastening wood panels.
  • Joist: Horizontal structural member that provides stiffness to the subfloor sheathing.
  • Deck: A structure of horizontal wooden planks.
  • Trim: Decorative element along a beam.
  • Handrail: A rail that can be grasped by the hand for support.

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