P24 House by OFFICE AT

P24 House by OFFICE AT

Location: Soi Phahonyothin 24, Bangkok, Thailand
Completion: 2014
Owner: Mr. Totsawin Jangprasert
Architect: OFFICE AT Co., Ltd.
Email: [email protected]
T: 02-612-2477-8, F: 02-612-2480
Project Architects:
1. Mr. Surachai Akekapobyotin
2. Ms. Juthathip Techachumreon
Interior Designer: OFFICE AT Co., Ltd.
Landscape Designer: OFFICE AT Co., Ltd.
Structural Engineer: Mr. Sarawut Yuanteng
System Engineer: Mr. Petch Panyangam
Construction Cost: 16 Million Baht
Storey: 3 floors
Site Area: 807 sq. m.
Area: House A 355 sq. m., House B 349 sq.m.
Materials: Painted plastered brick wall, Artificial Wood, Tint Glass, Metal sheet roof
Photographer: Ms. Ketsiree Wongwan

The P24 house is located on Phahonyothin road close to the center of Bangkok. The owner would like to build 2 houses for himself and his brother on a narrow and long shape site.

Green Space

In order to have a big green space as much as possible, the shape of these 2 houses is arranged in to narrow shape along with the long axis of the site and connected open space in front of those 2 houses to create the big green space.

Lift Up

The ground floor of both houses is lifted up for better ventilation and flood protection similar to traditional Thai houses.


The roof of the main house is double-roof to cover the house from the tropical heat. The lower roof is reinforced concrete slab, and the upper roof is a metal sheet roof.


Both houses have different spaces depend on their owner lifestyle such as The older brother’s house is designed to have open space between the 2nd and 3rd floor, The younger brother’s house has a terrace on the 3rd floor.


The main material of this house is painted plastered brick wall, tint glass, and artificial wood.

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