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38 of the Best Online Craft Stores for Kids and DIY Home Decor Projects

Table with crafting supplies including burlap and beads

When I was a kid I loved doing crafts. Admittedly I was the kid that used way too much glue which ended up oozing out all over my projects – but I was always looking for fun new craft ideas, and often still do!

When I was a kid, we didn’t have the sheer selection of craft supplies you can get now. Our 6-year-old gets these huge ‘craft kit’ tubs with a pre-selected batch of kids craft materials with which he can make all kinds of things! It looks like so much fun – from pipe cleaner art projects to simple papercraft projects – the supplies really do dictate the type of projects you can make – which keeps things super exciting!

Of course, the stuff ends up all over the place and I find myself stepping on chalk pastels and slipping in mod podge – but it’s totally worth it because he enjoys hunkering down with his glue stick and tub of crafting materials to create something uniquely handmade – while having a ton of fun!

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List of Online Craft Stores

1. Cricut

Cricut isn’t a craft store in the traditional sense by offering craft materials. Instead, it sells one of the most popular crafting tools ever invented and sold. It’s akin to the Instant Pot.  If you’re a crafter, a Cricut is for you.

What does a Cricut do?  It’s a revolutionary cutting machine that can cut over 300 materials and can do any computer-generated design.

The best thing to do is go to the Circut website and see what crafters make with it and how the machine works.

2. Minted

Minted is a great craft and art supply store selling stationery, art supplies and digital goodies.  It’s a great online store for adults and kids crafting needs.

3. Michaels

It just recently opened its online store but as the USA’s largest arts and craft retail chain with more than 1,200 stores in the U.S. and Canada, it’s easily the online mecca for crafters. They offer a vast assortment of arts and crafts supplies, exclusive private brands, and some of the best and most exciting coupons and deals. They accept competitors coupons, offer bulk pricing, and offer a price guarantee of an extra 10% off should you find the exact same item elsewhere.


If scrapbooking is your thing, is your site.  It’s a massive scrapbooking supplies website but also offers digital scrapbooking classes.

5. Discount School Supply

Discount School Supply store is the perfect place to kit out a classroom(whether you’re a teacher, homeschooling – or you simply want to create a dedicated crafting area at home). They offer a great selection of school supplies for teachers and parents alike.

6. Nasco

Nasco is an art supply store as well as an educational supply store. You can buy all the fun drawing materials you need, but they offer learning materials for subjects other than art such as math. Interestingly, this store also offers craft and art supplies for senior activities, which is a great idea.

7. Etsy

It’s one of the world’s most popular online shops for handcrafted, vintage, unique, and artsy items and supplies. You’ll find a huge assortment of craft suppliers from all around the world. Their vintage merchandise is defined as anything more than 20 years old. You may even find great bargains from Etsy.

It’s also an online marketplace that serves as an avenue for people to buy and sell handmade items of every type. From original watercolor paintings to great craft supplies for your own personal projects – Etsy really does have it all!
So whether you’re an indy artist looking for a way to sell your stuff, a lover of original art, or a crafter in need of inspiration and supplies, Etsy is for you.

8. KiwiCo

KiwiCo is a science and art projects website for kids.  They sell craft kits that are both creative and educational.  Take the Atlas Crate kit for example – kids get to craft and create a globe.

9. Crayola

Everyone knows Crayola.  The website is pretty cool. In addition to crayons and other coloring implements, they offer all kinds of craft kits, free coloring pages and a host of learning videos and articles.  Recently, I just loaded up on Crayola pencil crayons and washable markers since my 6-year old son colors all the time.

10. JOANN Craft & Hobbies

This online shop also has many brick and mortar store outlets. You can shop at JOANN for threads, lace, embellishments, needles, patterns, buttons, zippers, linings, decor fabrics, yarn and needle art supplies, jewelry making supplies, home décor, holiday ideas and projects, baking and party supplies and ideas, paper crafting, crafts and hobby supplies, kids and classroom projects. Their local stores also offer many craft classes for their endless selection of project ideas.

11. Blick

Blick is an online craft supplier that’s especially noteworthy for their art supplies. You can purchase Blick branded paints and brushes as well as art materials for the pro. You can also check out their art project ideas for a boost of creative juices.

12. Amazon Crafts

It’s just impossible to not include Amazon on the list. The largest e-commerce site of all has an amazing selection of art supplies, it would be foolish to try and list them all. Instead, I’ll just point out that if you do shop with Amazon, it’s worth getting Amazon Prime, as the free (and fast) shipping means you can get crafting quickly.

13. Creativebug

The CreativeBug is less a supply store and more an online crafting and DIY learning portal where you can sign up for online classes to learn and do all kinds of projects.

14. Blitsy

Blitzy is a modern site that offers supplies for finishing creative projects, such as a variety of paper crafts, adhesives, die-cutting and embossing machines, card kits, embellishments, accessories, glitter, sequins, construction paper, scrapbook kits, foiling supplies, sticker and rub-on decals, and much more!

They also offer an expansive collection of art supplies including oil pastels and paints, paint sticks, colored pencil sets, painting and palette knives, brushes, and many more pro art supplies – even easels!

Blitsy also caters to kids, supplying all the essentials for kids’ projects such as paper mache supplies, safety scissors, glue sticks, markers, pens, scissors, craft box storage solutions and containers, felt, foam, and pipe cleaners.

15. VerbNow

VerbNow is a website dedicated to kids’ activities and is a great resource for parents. Its primary offering is a huge collection of coloring pages and puzzles (word search and mazes) that parents can download.  It also offers the opportunity for kids to color the illustrations directly online.

16. Create For Less

Create for Less is an online craft store that sells a huge range of products at great prices for sewing, quilting, and crochet supplies (over 4,000 choices of thread, over 200 sewing notions, charm and trim embellishments, cutting boards and mats, thousands of buttons and fasteners, pins, pin cushions – the list goes on and on!

They also sell useful tools, like rotary rulers, templates, needles, and knitting needles, crochet hooks, and jewelry making tools. They offer a discount for multiple orders and free shipping for orders above $100. Make it a point to check their clearance stores and buying guides.

17. Craftsy

This site offers a multitude of information for beginners and advanced crafters to enjoy. Craftsy hosts a multitude of online art classes, crafting courses and other forms of craft education through interactive video tutorials, downloadable workshops, and a community of crafter members who are willing to exchange ideas and help one another. There are plenty of projects to choose from including quilting, sewing, embroidery, weaving, kid’s projects, painting, drawing, cooking, baking, photography, jewelry, spin, and so much more.

You can also purchase project kits that come equipped with all the necessary supplies or you can join Bluprint for a seven-day trial to enjoy thousands of tutorial videos.

18. Oriental Trading

This shop is worth checking out for their essential supplies as well as fun, unique and really cool items such as glow-in-the-dark sticky eyes for Halloween decor, chocolate-stuffed bunnies for Easter gifts, or their tiara options for your little princess. They also offer reasonable shipping rates.

19. Dollar Days

This shop offers wholesale prices for their products, including craft supplies, office and school supplies, electronics, and more. It’s the best place to shop for a wide range of craft projects without going over the budget. They also have a 49 cents or less and clearance sections.

20. eBay

Everyone’s heard of eBay . You can shop from their large assortment of craft supplies and hunt for great bargains. You can just take advantage of the really low-priced products that usually are tax-free or enjoy free shipping. This makes Ebay perfect for casual projects and stocking up for seasonal crafts and ad-hoc DIY projects where you don’t want to spend much money.

21. Jerry’s Artarama

This shop is an online haven for artists. They provide all art supplies including paints and mediums, canvas and surfaces, brushes and tools, easel and furniture, framing, mats/boards, drawing supplies, and paper and pads. Jerry’s Artarama also offer all sorts of artist resources such as free video art lessons, books , DVD lessons, art programs and kits, live art events, and even art contests.

22. Utrecht

It’s another online art short for artists. They offer a wide range of art supplies including their own brand as well as top art material brands. Make sure to check out their Deals section for deals and free offers and clearance items.

23. OOLY

It’s a veritable online shop that offers all sorts of colorful, fresh and inspiring products designed to help people of all ages have fun and delve into their imaginations and creativity. Their products include school supplies, papercraft supplies, art supplies, writing items, DIY supplies, accessories, gifts, and unique collections. They also work with AdoptAClassroom and support classrooms by providing eacher grants for classroom supplies, school adoptions and local projects and organizations.

24. Factory Direct Craft

It’s a family-owned distribution company that supports artists, crafters, brides, event planners, parents, and educators worldwide. They offer a wide range of craft supplies including acrylic fillable ornaments, basic craft supplies, craft books, doll making supplies, floral supplies, jewelry making, paper crafting, kids crafts, knitting and crocheting , ribbons and trims, painting supplies, and hobby.

25. Artist and Craftsman Supply

This online shop with many brick and mortar retail outlets started in 1985. Artist and Craftsman Supply brands itself as America’s local art supply store and has been a 100% employee-owned company since 2016. A&C offers products for sculpting, crafting, panting and drawing. They also have student kits, how-to videos, a blog, and contests and giveaways.

26. RU Craft

Also known as sewandso, this online site encourages customers to stitch, craft, and create with their great selection of crafts, cross stitch, haberdashery, threads, fabric, tapestry and long stitch, knitting and crochet, embroidery, books and downloads and sewing and quilting.

27. Simons Says Stamp

It offers an online selection of rubber stamp, altered art, scrapbooking, artist trading card, card making and paper crafting products with a stock of over 100,000 items in their warehouse. They also offer their own Simon Releases which are special offers for the month and their brand items and designers.

28. Paper Mart

Paper Mart is a large wholesale packaging company that sells crafting supplies as well. They’ve been in business nearly 100 years. If you need any type of packaging or gift wrapping such as tissue paper, ribbons and wrapping paper supplies, it’s a great option to check out.

29. Consumer Crafts

This store focuses on offering supplies for jewelry, but you can find crafting materials for all kinds of projects including home decor, scrapbooking, kids crafts, Christmas, DIY wedding supplies, and more.

30. Save On Crafts

Save On Crafts focuses on selling DIY and craft supplies for home decor and weddings. They have a great selection of vases, candles, holders, DIY floral materials, table settings and more.

31. S&S Worldwide

S&S Worldwide sells crafting materials for learning. It’s both a brick and mortar store and online crafting materials store. Their collection of supplies is very impressive; most of it geared towards kids crafts since it’s objective is to offer learning opportunities for kids via fun crafts and projects.

32. Stuff4 Crafts

This online craft store offers a good selection of materials for needle style crafts such as needlework, knitting, and crochet. But if scrapbooking is your thing, you definitely want to check out this site as well.

33. MisterArt

If you like doing artistic activities such as painting or drawing, this store is worth checking out for art supplies. The website could use an upgrade, but the supplies are fit for accomplished artists – including paint brushes, drawing pencils, drafting materials and more. This is for the serious folks who need serious supplies.

34. Stubby Pencil Studio

I love the name. This online store caters to young kids with eco-friendly markers, crayons, sketchbooks, and more.

35. Bee Happy Crafts

Stickers, fancy paper, inks, painting materials and more make up the super fun supplies at Bee Happy Crafts. They recently launched a newly designed website that is fun and easy to use.

36. Hobby Lobby

The Hobby Lobby focuses on home decor crafting materials including picture frames, fabrics, sewing materials and supplies, needle art supplies and more.

37. BJ’s Craft Supplies

BJ’s offers supplies others don’t – such as clockmaking supplies, doll making supplies, Bolo making supplies, DIY lamp and lighting supplies, and even wind chime parts! They are a great choice if you happen to have a specific niche when it comes to crafting and DIY, or if you want to take on an unusual project or two!

38. A.C. Moore

This is a large online crafting supplies store that offers all the usual suspects including kids crafts materials, floral materials, paper crafts, drawing crafts, materials for home decor projects, needlecraft supplies and more.

What to look for in an online craft store

The crafting business is huge business, whether it’s for adults or kids. You don’t need to attend an art class or even a craft class to create something gorgeous and decorate your home. You just need to get your hands on quality supplies.

DIY is massive for home decor, with many people opting to make decorative handmade items for their homes, opting for a DIY craft project rather than a store-bought decor item. With heavy-hitter brands like Baker Ross or Hobbycraft (in the UK) fuelling the popularity of arts and crafts, it’s no surprise that tons of online craft stores have popped up over the years, all selling quality materials for DIY and kids crafting alike!

However, it can be difficult to know which craft supplier to choose. You may be wondering about the best online craft stores for kids, or maybe you’re looking for an online craft store to help with your DIY projects?

When shopping around the best thing you can do is research. Read round-up lists (like this one) and look at the key differences between the online craft stores you’re considering.

We put together a huge list of what we think are the top online craft stores, perfect for creating handmade goods like decor items or gifts – and also for kids art projects.  FYI, several of the craft stores listed below also have brick and mortar locations.

Take a look at our list below (and when you’re done, be sure to also check out all of our home and garden-oriented online stores lists here).