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25 Primary Bedroom Trends for 2023

Published on January 11, 2023

Primary bedroom with fresh plants and large artworks.

Time to revamp your bedroom as we welcome another new year. 2023 is an exciting year as this is the time we escape neutrals and minimalism. Go big and bold!

This is the perfect time for statements and colors. Lots of designs are making a comeback. Patterns are a thing too.

See which colors are in for this year and check out the different styles that will match your personal taste.

1. Wood Feature Wall

Primary bedroom with wood paneled accent wall.

We’ve seen this in entryways and now it’s a big trend for master bedrooms. A wood feature wall behind the bed in particular brings the outside in and gives a warm feeling. 

2. Colorful Ceilings

Fall asleep to a colorful ceiling this year. Patterned and brightly painted ceilings are all the rage. It makes sense, why not get mesmerized by something colorful and kickstart your peaceful sleep (or wildest dreams).

3. Statement Headboards

Pink primary bedroom with statement headboard.

This bedroom takes “statement’ to a new level. However curvy and artistic headboards are taking the place of streamlined headboards for 2023. This pink velour pattern is soft and on trend—much like the adjacent pendant light. It’s a great look! 

4. Lots of Art

Busy walls filled with different types of art are making a comeback in the master bedroom. Gone are the bleak walls of the past. It adds a calming gallery feel to the last room of the day, inviting you to fall asleep to some of your favorite pieces.

5. Statement Pendant Light

Primary bedroom with statement pendant light.

Designed by: Parlour & Palm

Large creative pendant lights are making a (big) comeback in master bedrooms. Usually reserved for hovering over a dining table or a kitchen island, they take on a new feel over a bed. A soft look that adds ambient lighting is always nice in bedrooms.

6. Sconces

Primary bedroom with unique sconces.

Designed by: Tamara Magel Studio

If you want to jazz up your master bedroom in 2023 add interesting sconces to the bedside area. Pictured here against a dark wall it pops (and that blue is on trend too). Sconces don’t have to be large in size to add a soft bedside reading light.

7. Black and White

Black and white primary bedroom.

This color contrast has been around for a few years and is going strong in 2023, especially in bedrooms. Throw cushions, art and textiles with touches of black & white are all great ways to incorporate this current and lasting look.

8. Wallpaper

Primary bedroom adorned with a wallpaper.

Designed by: LKID

Wallpaper and interesting murals (mostly behind the headboard) are making their way into master bedrooms in 2023. Pictured here a dark, rich maximalist look that is both bold and serene. 

9. Bright Color Feature Wall

Primary bedroom with a bright green accent wall.

Designed by: WINN Design+Build

Along with wallpaper, bright solid feature walls are in for 2023 in master bedrooms. I think this is a simple fun way to give your bedroom a refresh without the effort of wallpaper. It’s easily done and easily changed when the time comes.

10. Raw Details (Concrete/Stone)

Industrial primary bedroom with distressed concrete walls.

Polished concrete and other natural stones often seen in kitchens and outdoor spaces are being applied to bedrooms in 2023. Here you see a mix of concrete and wood, a harmonious balance perfect for a bedroom backdrop.

11. Animal Prints

Zebra, leopard, tiger—all stripes and spots are in for 2023. Animal prints (use scarcely) are always in style as long as they are used in small doses. Storage stools in the master bedroom are a great way to add that pop of pattern and remain perfectly on trend.

12. Window Coverings

Primary bedroom with large windows.

Tall, heavy, light, dark—window coverings in bedrooms are making a big comeback this year and they are (in my opinion) a necessary treatment for windows of any size. These tall white linen curtains give a warm breezy feel and double as room darkening.

13. Natural Tones

All the tones in this setting are warm and natural, making it the perfect bedroom backdrop for 2023. Greys, creams, whites, soft oranges, browns are all great (and current) color choices for furniture, paint and accessories in bedrooms. A natural feel always works for inducing sleep!

14. Teal Hues

Teal in bedrooms is making a comeback. Anything greenish blue is a serene look for master bedroom feature walls. Another way to include it would be with area rugs or plush throws.

15. Touch of Black

Black primary bedroom with platform bed and lounge chair.

Versions of black in bedrooms is a comeback trend that is making waves. Pictured here it works when used in accessories and small furniture. It acts as the anchor for the bedroom when used as a solid black feature wall. Surprisingly it has a warm look and feel that is very inviting.

16. Spa Feel

Warm grays, plush materials, wood and plenty of natural light— welcome to the spa bedroom look. Its success is obvious—who wouldn’t want to fall asleep in this soft, calming setting? This classic look (as it should be) is here to stay.

17. Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly bedroom with wooden walls and flooring.

This is the bedroom of the moment—minimal footprint, natural textures, stone walls, pallet bed base. Eco-friendly living (and sleeping) at its finest. The large windows cast more natural light than needed to turn off the lights and read a book, finish a paper or fall asleep with ease. Clean living looks good in 2023.

18. Seaside Traditional

Vintage cottage meets coastal in this 2023 collaboration of bedroom styles. Old and new (and seaside) are combined and it works on so many levels.

Colors are complementary and patterns mix with solids. This simple look is easy to achieve with paint, accessories, and a trip to the local thrift shop.

19. Maximum Comfort

Bright primary bedroom with comfy blankets.

If there’s one room in the house that should represent comfort it’s the master bedroom. The ultimate place of rest at the end of long days. This year’s main bedroom trend is maximum comfort.

Accessories, throws, pillows, soft inviting bedding—more is better. Potted plants and wood add extra coziness and a touch of outdoor campiness.

20. Mixed Patterns

Primary bedroom adorned with mixed patterns.

2023 is going away from uniform (hence maximalism), and part of that journey is mixing things up. In this case it’s patterns. Add different colors and patterns to the bed and bedroom for a look that is on trend and, above all, fun!

21. Super Luxe 

Think gold and silver finishes, large statement beds, wainscotting, and plush furniture in rich colors. Master Bedrooms are getting a luxurious makeover, and so they should.

22. Silvery/Grey 

Gray primary bedroom with window seat nook.

A new bedroom trend that is taking off is an all-gray look. (Even the ceiling). But pay attention to getting the right gray combination. Here the grays are a bit cooler and it works when paired with traditional furniture.

23. Bamboo Window Shades

A new look in bedroom window coverings are bamboo window shades. Following the trend of bridging the outside in, these shades offer a natural look and are easy to install and remove.

24. Curved Edges

Bedroom furniture in 2023 (especially bed frames) are getting a curvy update. The sharp angles of the past headboards are slowly disappearing with the new trend of circular and curved everything. It’s a refreshing look sure to elevate your bedroom.

25. Statement Throws

Along with statement lights and walls, statement throws are appearing in master bedrooms. Faux-fur, large woven threads, velour— it’s an easy and inexpensive way to improve your bedroom.