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Noel Residence by StudioAC

StudioAC Team:

  • Madeline Planer
  • Jonathan Miura
  • Shasha Wang
  • Jennifer Kudlats
  • Andrew Hill

Build by: Whitaker Construction
Photos by: Doublespace Photography

An exterior view of the building, showcasing the striking red brick walls and expansive glass windows, providing a glimpse of the interior spaces, and highlighting the presence of an in-ground swimming pool in the outdoor area.

A two-story brick edifice featuring a cantilevered portion with expansive glass windows and an exterior space equipped with an in-ground swimming pool.

An overview of the side of the unit which features a full-height window that offers a view of the second level bedroom.

A daytime photograph capturing the front façade of the building

An interior view featuring two substantial brown shelves and a centrally located fireplace, providing a warm and inviting ambiance to the space.

A detailed view of six square skylights that enhance the overall ambiance and create a warm and inviting atmosphere with ample natural light.

An overview of the kitchen space features large multiple compartment cabinets, as well as hanging lights above the kitchen island table, which adds to the overall aesthetic and design.

A close-up view of the kitchen’s ample storage in multiple compartments, designed to keep the space organized and functional.

An interior view of the cantilevered staircase, showcasing the architectural design and aesthetic of the feature.

An interior photograph featuring a clean and well-designed white environment, with the added benefit of a skylight at the ceiling, providing natural light and enhancing the overall ambiance of the space.

An overview of the bathroom interior showcasing the unique design elements such as the long narrow tiles in varying shades of gray and the small window that allows for natural light to flood the space, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

A close-up view of the bathroom section of the building, showcasing the striking contrast of the brown and white cabinets and highlighting the skylight at the ceiling that allows natural light to flood the room.

Level 1 plan of Noel Residence

Level 1 plan of Noel Residence

Level 2 plan of Noel Residence

Level 2 plan of Noel Residence

Section A: Noel Residence

Section A: Noel Residence

This single-family home just north of downtown Toronto was conceived as a series of living boxes that produced programmatic, acoustic, and formal separation of space that allows for each room to have its own experience and spatial identity while also playing a part of the cohesive whole. The main floor has a series of living spaces each with a clear view to adjacent exterior spaces beyond providing localized vistas and ample natural light.

The upper floor is defined by two cubic masses with subtle hipped roofs that each have a formal ending with large skylights. The children’s bedroom wing fuses with the main circulation space and sees its corresponding skylight located over the main stair bringing light into the deepest part of the plan. The primary bedroom wing has its skylight located over the bathroom space again at the deepest part of the plan and acts as a light sharing element for the vanity, tub and shower and is a welcome surprise once you pass through an almost maze-like plan as you approach this more private space.

The exterior is clad in locally sourced red brick which has become park of Toronto’s residential Vernacular over the past century. The upper bedroom wings shift north and south creating cantilevered conditions across the front of the house producing a soffit for lighting and canopy at the front door while the rear cantilever produces a covered outdoor living space. These cantilevers are articulated further with large floor to ceiling windows diagraming the act of pulling these facades off the ‘pure box’ they tectonically come from.