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35 Man Cave Layouts (Floor Plans to Inspire Your Next Project)

A collage of man cave layouts

Spending time with family is great, but after a stressful day of work, you just want to relax and not be bothered by anyone for a couple of hours.

Or maybe you just want a place to invite the guys over to watch the game on the weekend without having other priorities begging for your attention.

Especially if you live in the northern climates, you want a place in your home where you can enjoy the beautiful summer nights.

If any of the above applies to you, you need a man cave. Man caves were first developed in the early 1990s, but they’ve matured a lot since then. Here are 35 man cave layouts to inspire you.

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1. The Place to Be

Man Cave Layout #01 - The Place To Be

This layout features a dart board on the wall, the pool table showcased in the middle of the room, a bar in the corner, and seating for 7 at the back. This is a great place to bring all the buddies on a Saturday night in the man cave.

2. Ping-Pong All Night Long

Man Cave Layout #02 - Ping-Pong All Night Long

If ping-pong is more your game, you’ll like this layout. It offers a small seating area next to the table for whoever’s up next to start throwing insults, as well as an additional couch for spectators at the back of the room near the door.

3. When You Take Pool Seriously

Man Cave Layout #03 - When You Take Pool Seriously

This layout gets a little more cozy with a fireplace near the bar area. It also makes the pool table the center of attention by placing it at an angle in the room. The corner couch means there’s plenty of seating for all your friends inbetween shots.

4. Basement Man Cave

Man Cave Layout #04 - Basement Man Cave

If the basement is the place for your man cave, then this is your layout. Darts, pool, and seating for three, plus plenty of table space for drinks and snacks, makes this the ideal spot for chilling out after a hard week of working for The Man.

5. A Room for All Men

Man Cave Layout #05 - A Room for All Men

This layout is great for creating small spaces of social activity. You can have 10 guys in the room, but some can play darts, some can sit at the bar, some can shoot pool, and others can play cards while discussing the latest football game on the couch.

6. A Space for Any Need

Man Cave Layout #06 - A Space for Any Need

If you like to be flexible and do different things with your friends, this layout would be perfect for you. It offers a lot of seating and table space so you can play cards, a board game, chess or checkers, or just sit around and talk about how perfect your life is.

7. Your Place for the Game

Man Cave Layout #07 - Your Place for the Game

Whether it’s Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, you’re probably watching a football game. Invite everyone over, crack open a few beers, pass the snacks, and watch it all go down on your big screen TV. There’s even a chess table for something to do during halftime.

8. The Latest Blockbusters – In Your Home

Man Cave Layout #08 - The Latest Blockbusters - In Your Home

When you want to chill out and watch a movie, what better way to do it than from the comfort of your own home. This at-home theater has a big screen just like the real thing, and seating for eight.3203, so you don’t have to worry about that lady scolding her kids during your favorite scene.

9. Gambling Without Gambling

Man Cave Layout #09 - Gambling Without Gambling

Playing a game of roulette is fun, but losing all your money isn’t. Set the stakes a little lower when you gamble at home in your man cave. This layout also features a bar area and separate seating for those who like to hold on to their coins.

10. Something for Everyone

Man Cave Layout #10 - Something for Everyone

Playing pool or ping-pong is always fun, but what do you do when the table is full? With this layout, that isn’t a problem. This man cave features a ping-pong table AND a pool table, so there’s room for everyone to get in the game.

11. A Versatile Space

Man Cave Layout #11 - A Versatile Space

If sports aren’t your thing, no worries. Here’s a man cave layout for you. This room has a small roulette table in the corner but the main area has plenty of seating with a large open space so you can play Twister, charades, or have a dance party.

12. A Quiet Night In

Man Cave Layout #12 - A Quiet Night In

If your guys-only nights tend to be more casual than The Hangover, this is the man cave layout for you. There’s a small seating area with a roulette table, plus a couch and coffee table at the other end of the room for when you just want to catch up.

13. Pong & Chill

Man Cave Layout #13 - Pong & Chill

This layout is great for those who like to play a little ping-pong, but also like to engage in conversation during the off time. With plenty of seating behind the table, your friends can all come over and play or just watch others and chat.

14. Be a Rockstar in Your Own Home

Man Cave Layout #14 - Be a Rockstar in Your Own Home

Invite the guys over to grab a drink at your bar, take a seat on the couch, and watch as you perfect your drum solo. This man cave is made for the guy who is on his way to rock stardom. Or, at least, he was back in high school.

15. Garage Man Cave

Man Cave Layout # - Garage Man Cave

When the only place in your home to create a man cave is the garage, you make it work. Adding a small bar and seating area in the back of the garage is the ideal way to have friends over without disturbing the rest of the family.

16. A Casual Spot

Man Cave Layout #16 - A Casual Spot

This man cave layout is perfect for the guy that just wants to chill out. There’s a couple chairs in front of the fireplace for some deep talks. The main attraction, however, is the ample seating in front of the TV for watching the game, a new movie, or playing Xbox.

17. Kick Back and Relax

Man Cave Layout #17 - Kick Back and Relax

A man cave can be used for more than just the weekend. This room takes your weeknights into account by offering you a large television, plenty of seating for friends (if you want), and a coffee table to line up all your favorite snacks and drinks.

18. Spacious and Versatile

Man Cave Layout #18 - Spacious and Versatile

Grab a drink at the bar, then sit down to play some cards at the table with this man cave layout. There’s plenty of room if your tastes change and want to add in more seating, a pool or ping-pong table, or add a TV for watching the big game.

19. Place Your Bets

Man Cave Layout #19 - Place Your Bets

If poker is your card game of choice, then this is the man cave layout for you. A poker table is set on one wall with seating for six of your friends. There’s also a couple of couches and a coffee table for when you don’t feel like losing all your money.

20. Host a Blackjack Night

Man Cave Layout #20 - Host a Blackjack Night

Blackjack is a game that’s easy enough for anyone to learn, so invite all the guys over for a night and start betting. There’s even some extra seating and a bar area for anyone that is waiting for their turn at the table. Remember – the house always wins!

21. Arcade-Style Man Cave

Man Cave Layout #21 - Arcade-Style Man Cave

This man cave is great for the guy that spent all his time in college at the arcade. It’s got both a foosball and air hockey table, so you can challenge your friends to a new game all night long. There’s also a comfy seating area behind the games tables.

22. Pinball for Your TV Breaks

Man Cave Layout #22 - Pinball for Your TV Breaks

Having friends over to watch the game is always fun, but what do you do during commercials or halftime? Play pinball of course! This man cave layout features a pinball machine in the corner so you can stay occupied and keep the fun going all night long.

23. Host Your Own Cooking Show

Man Cave Layout #23 - Host Your Own Cooking Show

Cooking up a great meal doesn’t have to happen alone. Impress your friends with your skills in the kitchen in this food-focused man cave layout. There’s also a comfortable seating area for relaxing after the meal, and access to the patio for enjoying those beautiful summer nights.

24. A Chilled Evening

Man Cave Layout #24 - A Chilled Evening

When you just want to relax, this man cave layout is perfect for you. It features a ping-pong table and air hockey for when you feel like challenging a friend. There’s also a comfy seating area that faces the TV so you can catch up on all your shows.

25. Everything You Need

Man Cave Layout #25 - Everything You Need

With this fully-equipped man cave layout, you might never leave! The kitchen features a sink, stove, and plenty of storage and counter space to prepare your favorite meals. It also has a couch and chairs with a coffee table in front of the TV.

26. Before You Go On Stage

Man Cave Layout #26 - Before You Go On Stage

This man cave is kind of like your own personal green room. Set up your drum kit in the corner for when the inspiration strikes. The center of the room features a ping-pong table for challenging your friends. And don’t forget about the couch for relaxing.

27. A Cozy Night by the Fire

Man Cave Layout #27 - A Cozy Night By the Fire

For the sophisticated man, this layout centers around the built-in fireplace. With plenty of seating, you can relax in its warmth and enjoy a good book and glass of whiskey, or have some friends over to talk about what’s going on in the world.

28. An Entertaining Space

Man Cave Layout #28 - An Entertaining Space

If you like to entertain, this man cave layout is your first choice. It features a well-equipped bar area, plenty of seating by the TV, and even some open space where you could install a dart board, or set up a table for playing cards or board games.

29. Catch Those Summer Vibes

Man Cave Layout #29 - Catch Those Summer Vibes

Make the most of the spring and summer seasons with this man cave patio layout. There’s a hammock in the corner for catching a nap during the day, as well as a glass fireplace with seating around for sharing a glass of wine with friends as the sun goes down.

30. Play Some Jazzy Tunes

Man Cave Layout #30 - Play Some Jazzy Tunes

When you’re ready to showcase the latest piece you’ve been working on, invite some friends up the spiral staircase to your man cave. They can sit and listen to your newest composition, or you can simply play some of the old favorites that get everyone dancing.

31. Try a Refreshing Angle

Man Cave Layout #31 - Try a Refreshing Angle

This man cave layout is interesting because it takes a rectangular room and puts it on an angle. It all starts with the fireplace in the corner. Then the foosball table is set up parallel to that, with an L-shaped couch and coffee table set up in the corner behind it.

32. Be the Maestro

Man Cave Layout #32 - Be the Maestro

With a keyboard set up in the corner, and a bar and seating area behind, there’s plenty of room to have friends over for a dance party of your own making. This man cave layout is great for the guy who loves to entertain on the keys.

33. A Garage Hang-Out Spot

Man Cave Layout #33 - For a Small Gathering

Roll up in the garage after work and sit down at the table to share a drink with friends. When you’re ready to get your game on, head over to the foosball or air hockey tables to show your pals who runs this house. Food isn’t far away when you’re in the garage man cave.

34. For a Small Gathering

Man Cave Layout #34 - For a Small Gathering

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to read, play cards or board games, or enjoy a drink by the fire, this is the man cave layout for you. Of course, there is some room across from the bar area if you wanted to set up a dart board for some extra fun.

35. Patio Nights At Home

Man Cave Layout #35 - Patio Nights At Home

When the weather hits just right, head out to the patio area. This man cave layout features a well-appointed bar area for mixing drinks or pouring beers. There’s also a table and seating for four if you want to chat and reminisce or play cards or a board game.