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Lan Villa by Yuan Architects

Architect: Yuan Architects
Location: Taipei, Taiwan 台灣 台北
Typology: Residential
Size: 222m²
Status: Built

The inspiration for the villa design came from the sensation of being awestruck by the beauty of nature and mountain landscapes. Located in the mountain area of Xindian District, Lan Villa is where one may reflect on the connections with the spaces within our lives. Through variations of beautiful outdoor scenery, we explore ways to interact, live, and enrich our life with nature.

The curved wall represents the flow of life through an architectural structure, corresponding to the sublime of the indoor landscape and the outdoor mountain view, redefining the verticality inside the space. As a collector of seasonal changes outdoors as well as an interface of the living space, the wall reflects every variation of light and color on the rolling hills and casts different colors of light into the living space accordingly.

Revolving around the flow of time, space interweaves life, nature, and time
together. The fluidity of movement in the building establishes great flexibility, giving users the freedom to redefine their living space.