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Casa Vagantes by Gina Góngora + Arista Cero

Company name: Gina Góngora + Arista Cero
Contact e-mail:
Project location: MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN, MÉXICO.
Completion Year: 2020
Photo credits: Cesar Béjar


1. Cemex – Kitchen and pool
2. Comex – Ceiling
3. Tecnolite – Iamps
4. Lumínica – Lamps
5. Boxito – Bathroom furniture
6. Mirage – A/C
7. Sayer – Walls sealer

An intervention with one thing in mind, to welcome travelers from around the globe visiting Merida, Yuctatán. Casa Vagantes is located 150m from the most popular avenue of the city and is part of the historic center where many years of history has passed by.

The architectural project responds to recover, recycle and leave evidence of time over the house.

With respect to origins, time, and history…

The façade maintains the original color and windows and doors were recovered and reused. The walls were scrapped to show the colors of the past, mostly green, different shades of blue and a touch of pink are the main tones to appreciate.

The house keeps the spatial structure with the idea of reducing construction time and cost. It contains a social área that connects with the kitchen and the terrace. The kitchen was designed with White polished cement to supply old and broken ceramic tiles to make it simple and clean. The space with the window to the street view is proposed as a study-rest área with a hammock to enjoy the local tradition. This space is connected to the only bedroom with a terrace view and a bathroom.

The abandoned backyard was brought back to life with a pool to refresh from the warm climate of the Yucatan área, two chairs to rest on a gravel floor and a bench to contemplate the main character of this house, the Huaya Tree.

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