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Johnny Depp’s Penthouse Collection in Los Angeles, CA (Listed for $12.78 million)

Focused look at the large round table set surrounded by the blue walls and artistic wall on the side. Image courtesy of

Possibly most famous for his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, Johnny Depp has played a wide range of characters from gangsters, to NARC cops, drug-crazed journalists, ephemeral chocolate magnates, and much more.

Depp is the owner of a collection of penthouses in Los Angeles that are currently for sale as a set for $12.7 million. The collection consists of five multi-level penthouses all directly adjacent to one another. They cover 11,500 square feet altogether, and Depp acquired them all over several years.

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There are so many uniquely decorated spaces spread throughout this collection of lavish penthouses, that writing a full review is relatively untenable. Instead, we chose a few of the most ornate and frankly thrilling spaces for our exposition.

One living space is dominated by a long, L-shaped leather sofa aligned beneath an outer wall. Tall windows ride between narrow bits of wall painted in rust-brown. These bits of the wall are covered in many small, framed pictures and paintings that must be worth a small fortune.

Next, we came upon a dining room of sorts with a massive mural covering one large wall that appears to depict a scene one might find in one of Dr. Seuss’s nightmares. The adjoining wall is an outer wall with windows facing a city street. It is painted a bright, yet somehow subdued, sky-blue. More paintings of an eclectic nature are hanging between the windows.

The central table is round with radial black tiles covering the top. The floor is finished in mahogany planks. The color scheme of the space is wild and all but disorienting with the black wood floor, the largely yellow mural, and the bright blue window wall.

A corner study nook outfitted with stout, deep, single chairs is particularly inviting. Low bookshelves line the two walls with paintings along with a large flat-screen TV. Richly colored red and white rugs cover most of the floor which appears to be made with the same mahogany planks.

The next room we reviewed is a kitchen and dining space with a massive bar/island a few feet from an outer wall. The ornate bar features ebony sidework with intricate carvings and a solid brown marble top. The kitchen itself is tucked away like a service bar with an opening adorned with a diner-style sign overhead. All chrome cabinets and appliances fill the cooking space, leaving little room for anything other than culinary equipment.

A fully open entryway, open except for one chair and a low, heavy, wood table takes us back out to the next penthouse. Surrounded in mute, mottled, blue walls and a balcony over the entry door, it appears to be some kind of Hollywood style creative briefing room.

Photos: James Lang, Berlyn Photography/Partners Trust