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John Steinbeck’s Cottage in Sag Harbor, NY (Listed for $16.75 Million)

Join the thousands of writers wanting to live like John Steinbeck for less than $16.75 million in his former Sag Harbor, NY cottage with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Spend your time in the Nobel Prize winning author's writing hut and cement pond and fishing pier.

This is a full view of the exterior at the back of the cottage showcasing French doors, windows and gray shiplap exterior walls complemented by the surrounding landscaping. Image courtesy of

The John Steinbeck Sag Harbor cottage with a pool and pool house plus a writing hut and fishing pier is currently on sale for $16.75 million in New York. Steinbeck lived in the residence at the end of his life from 1955 to 1968. 

Classic American author John Steinbeck recently sold his own personal ‘East of Eden’ in New York. His fabulous Sag Harbor cottage was put on the real estate market for $16.75 million. Considering this is truly a small cottage and not a mansion with tons of rooms, it is quite a price tag.

Find out why as you learn more about Steinbeck and the cottage in Sag Harbor, NY, where he was once a resident.

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A Cement Pond and Natural Tones

Surround yourself in the most brilliant blues and greens when you step foot onto the grounds at this contemporary countryside homestead. The cottage exterior is gray toned to blend in naturally while staying cool and bright. It is easy to see how Steinbeck, a Pulitzer Prize winning author for “The Grapes of Wrath” in 1940, came to love this place. Around the side of the cottage is a drop-shaped, in-ground “cement pond” swimming pool encircled in a slim red brick path followed by a field of green grass.

Personal Cove, Beach and Fishing Pier

Outside you will also discover a writing hut and guest house where the 1962 Nobel Prize for Literature winner Steinbeck was himself quite productive. Moreover, there is an impressive nearly 600 feet of waterfront between two New Haven waterways—Morris Cove and Upper Sag Harbor Cove.

You gain private access by way of a 60-foot fishing pier nestled in the coves of New England arbors. The pier is in great shape with safe hand railings made from wood. Built with wooden shiplaps, the pier deck flooring is stylized with the cottage. A sandy shore surrounds the base of the pier and beckons you to sunbathe or fish on the shoreside.

Former Library of Author Steinbeck

Back inside the Sag Harbor cottage, as you can dream of, towers a library where Steinbeck’s volumes, personal as well as professional, once stacked up. Envision yourself picking out a book to read as you sit cozy in front of the massive stone fireplace lit in the autumn season. He actually wrote a couple of his published works here, including “Travels With Charley.”

Exposed Beams and Oversized Windows

In each of the rooms are romantic French doors coupled with oversized windows that open up the cottage to plenty of sunshine. This way, you get that amazing view of the pool and the waterfront right outside your home. Exposed beams arched in a cathedral style are unique to the kitchen, which has a gray counter top matching the gray exterior of the home. Otherwise, all of the window shutters, walls, and ceilings are painted white and beige tones. This is accented by silver chrome and stainless steel fixtures in the kitchen.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

There are two bedrooms and bathrooms, one each that are primary, inside the main cottage. The primary bedroom has a pair of dark brown stained wood beams to bring in the style from the kitchen. Up in the attic is a large open room that has built-in book shelves and a light-stained wood-paneled ceiling in the cathedral architecture.

Steinbeck’s Writing Hut

The Sag Harbor retreat features his personal writing hut, which is a six-sided unit small enough for a crafting workbench or writing desk. The hut sits on a small hilltop overlooking the water and hidden in the mature trees that once overlooked Steinbeck. There is even a well-managed town park in Sag Harbor dedicated to the author called the John Steinbeck Waterfront Park. As the new owner of Steinbeck Cottage, you will be a proud visitor to this popular park.

Photo credit: Richard Taverna for Sotheby’s International Realty


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