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71 Industrial-Style Primary Bedroom Ideas (Photos)

Welcome to our industrial primary bedroom photo gallery showcasing lots of industrial primary bedroom ideas of all types.

This industrial-style primary bedroom has a gray bed cushion placed on a dark wooden platform that has built-in bedside tables topped with black pendant lights that stand out against the white wall adorned with a large clock.

The gray carpeted flooring and a gray wall on the side of the traditional bed are complemented by the wall at the head of the bed. It has an industrial-style wooden panel finish that supports a couple of wall-mounted lamps.

This bedroom is right beside the kitchen separated only by a wooden shelf with dark iron frames. This is complemented by a light hardwood flooring that blends with the platform bed and the clothes rack beside it.

A couple of worn-out gray tufted armchairs at the foot of the bed goes well with the industrial-style aesthetic of the bedroom that has gray brick walls behind the wooden headboard of the bed that looks like it came from a barrel.

The white cushion is placed on a large platform made of several wooden beams beside each other. This complements the hardwood flooring that matches with the gray concrete wall adorned with framed artworks.

The brightness of this bedroom is due to the natural lights coming in from the French glass doors that brighten the white flooring and wall adjacent to the black headboard of the traditional bed topped with a ceiling with exposed beams, vents, and tubes.

The blue distressed carpeting of the floor is a nice complement to the wooden platform with a plank finish to its wooden headboard that stands out against the white walls brightened by the natural lights of the arched windows.

This industrial-style primary bedroom is surrounded with tall windows that are supported by brick pillars framed with black wooden shelves at the bottom that matches with the black wall panel behind the wooden headboard.

The black hardwood flooring is matched with the black wall that supports the white-framed windows topped with a stainless steel exposed vent of the white ceiling contrasted by brick walls near the dark gray cushioned bed.

The wall behind the wooden headboard of the traditional bed has wallpaper with a design that is distinctly industrial-style. This is augmented by a couple of industrial-style lamps peculiar industrial-style bedside tables.

This industrial-style primary bedroom is separated from the rest of the house with glass walls that go well with the dark hardwood flooring. On the far wall is a small office with a large arched window and red brick walls that match the wooden wall of the gray cushioned headboard.

The gray bed sits in the middle of the black industrial flooring contrasted by the light wood headboard and bedside drawer of the bed as well as the walls surrounding the bed. This is topped with a factory-like ceiling of metal beams and tin roofing.

The comfortable gray bed is lit with a warmth from the round pendant light augmented by the fireplace on the side that is inlaid in a red brick wall topped with a ceiling filled with exposed wooden beams matching the hardwood flooring.

This small industrial style bedroom has a wall of frosted glass that folds to open to the wooden staircase. Adjacent to this is the red brick wall behind the wooden headboard of the bed over a concrete floor with a beige area rug.

The cushion is placed on a platform bed frame that is upholstered with white leather and given a tufted finish that extends to the headboard. This stands out against the gray area rug that matches with the exposed concrete beam of the ceiling.

This cozy and homey industrial-style bedroom has a headboard with built-in bookshelves adjacent to a wall of red bricks that houses a fireplace and an antique bookshelf and dresser that matches with the wooden frame of the bed.

This bedroom looks like its part of a renovated factory that has a wooden shed ceiling with exposed beams, pipes and vents paired with large windows filled with frosted glass and a modern fireplace by the foot of the bed that has a sitting area.

A focused shot at this spacious industrial-style primary bedroom with brick walls and hardwood flooring topped by a large area rug.

This is a simple industrial-style bedroom with a cottage bed, wall-mounted black bedside lamps. These are then complemented by a large concrete wall and glass windows.

See more of this home. Designed by: Jurjen van Hulzen of the Nieuw and Ibiza Interiors

This is a simple industrial-style bedroom with a cottage bed, wall-mounted black bedside lamps. These are then complemented by a large concrete wall and glass windows.

This industrial-style bedroom has a gorgeous dark wooden bed frame that matches with the bedside drawers. This bed serves as a nice balance between the light hardwood flooring and the large red brick wall behind the head of the bed. These are then illuminated by the row of tall curtained windows on the side.

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